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  2. Politics

    Has Johnson just whipped out a Muslim grandad
  3. The Boxing thread

    Fuck off you boring cunt
  4. The Boxing thread

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/boxing/2019/06/02/katie-taylor-makes-history-unifying-four-world-lightweight-titles/ yep
  5. The Boxing thread

  6. The Boxing thread

    Pretty sure she won like
  7. Politics

    Johnson is hopefully going to get mauled for this approach of just talking over Maitliss to try to avoid being challenged in anything. It makes him look like a dismissive, rude cunt. It's no wonder he's tried to avoid any public exposure since this thing started. He's the fucking thickest one on the panel by a mile.
  8. Rafa Benitez

  9. Politics

    Absolutely, this is excruciating. Can you imagine Barnier, Tusk, Juncker et al. watching this in Brussels? I'm embarrassed to be English.
  10. Politics

  11. Politics

    Javid is a straight up mong.
  12. Politics

    The EU definitely won't hold it's nerve in the game of chicken this lot are openly proposing.
  13. The Boxing thread

    No desire to watch that shite. She got beat in her last fight as well
  14. Politics

    Watching BBC and this lot are woeful. It's scary that this is the best we have to offer ffs. I watch American politics and see the likes of Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Kamala Harris (on the left admittedly) and we get the likes of Gove, Boris and Theresa
  15. General Random Conversation..

    Selah Schneiter: Ten-year-old girl scales El Capitan https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48680177 Mint.
  16. Today
  17. Politics

    Stewart can't win. None of the pack can. He's positioning himself for the inevitable Johnson fail.
  18. Have it hosted in Antarctica and be done with it.
  19. Rafa Benitez

    https://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/12691/11744360/newcastle-boss-rafa-benitez-considering-chinese-super-league-offer-from-dalian-yifang Considering Chinese Super League offer
  20. Politics

    Raab’s exit doesn’t do Stewart much good. He might hope to get a few more votes if the Saj drops out but other than that it’s hard to see where he gets the numbers to get into the top two. Maybe for the ABB contingent.
  21. Politics

    Raab C Exit
  22. Politics

    Rory's best attribute is not being Gove, Boris or Hunt tbh. He's still a Tory cunt with an horrendous voting record
  23. Politics

    Stewart will be a marked man at tonight's debate. He's too close to Gove and Hunt in terms of numbers and Johnson won't want to have to square off against him in the final two.
  24. Europe --- In or Out

    If you were designing the earth from scratch again, the one thing you wouldn't do is bring back humans. It would be a unanimous decision cos we are such a set of cunts.
  25. Politics

    Raab eliminated (the mad cunt). Presumably all of his 30 supporters will flip to Johnson.
  26. Politics

    His people have basically put a gag on him until he wins the leadership race. They know he can't help but say something stupid if you put a microphone in front of him. It's shocking that he's lending votes to the no hopers to win too. I detest the man
  27. Politics

    Course it is. That's why Stevie and CT never post in here anymore!
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