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  1. I can confirm it'll put a tingle in your dingle.
  2. rub the fruit on your bell-end, if it starts to sting then they are ready to eat.
  3. This loon has at least temporarily derailed his own cause, since the shootings there has been very little focus on the police brutality here, instead there is a wave of support for the police, this country has an obsession with anyone in uniform, but this has inflated it exponentially, now people are lining up to deliver boxes of donuts to police departments in thanks and support for their service. Talk about destroying your own bandwagon.
  4. Jimbo


    Its kind of funny that they were desperate for UFC 200 to be an epic celebration event but it failed pretty hard, Conor McGregor upset that plan pretty early and then the Jon Jones thing, that kid has some big problems, he's like the Tyson of UFC, unbelievable talent but seems hell-bent on self destruction, the sudden inclusion of Brock Lesnar seemed like a desperate after-thought. There was certainly a big lack of excitement and entertainment, too much grappling for it to be engaging to the casual fan. I still can't make my mind up about Brock Lesnar, while he's still fannying around with
  5. I'm disappointed but not surprised, the only loyalty in football is with the fans, we often mistakenly expect players to show the same loyalty to the shirt was we do.
  6. Can anyone recommend some good Kodi add-ons, a lot of the ones I'm using, especially for live sport are really unreliable.
  7. Was a little disappointed with Joshua, never got out of 2nd gear against an opponent who was totally out of his depth, never went to the body, very upright and rigid, he reminds me of Bruno a lot, for the wrong reasons, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, he pretty much had two back to back fights, I hope he takes a break and comes back against better opposition and then fights Wilder, seems like both want it.
  8. Should just change the main event to Klitschko Vs Joshua.
  9. was his foot in his mouth at the time?
  10. Currently watching the ESPN 30 for 30 five part O.J. Made in America documentary, like a lot of the 30 for 30 shows its outstanding, it gives a lot of history about the racial problems in Los Angeles involving the police and the legal system as a whole as well as Simpson's early life, can't recommend it enough. http://www.espnfrontrow.com/2016/01/30-for-30-miniseries-oj-made-in-america-premieres-at-sundance/
  11. Yeah I have an ulterior motive with my purchase, it's one of the kids birthday's in August, she wants an Xbox One so she can inherit my old one and I can replace it with the new one. Win, Win.
  12. I took one for a test drive a couple of months ago, never felt acceleration like it, instant power and torque, it was the standard motor too, didn't have ludicrous mode, fuck knows what that must take off like !
  13. Jimbo

    Kimbo Slice

    Died of heart failure (mahoooosive amounts of steroids *allegedly) I was at his last "fight".
  14. I sincerely hope to see Sissoko playing for some none-entity like West Brom next season.
  15. Sorry @@Alex only just saw this, its been ridicule as predicted, its pretty unanimous in the boxing community that he needs to fight close to 160 or go back to 154, people are sick of him fighting at "Caneloweight"
  16. I agree, I watched it again on Sunday (thank you bitorrent) it's a fantastic documentary.
  17. Its a testament to the man and his achievements that he managed to become without any question, the most famous man on the planet bar none, in an era without mass social media networks, I can't even begin to imagine how big he would have been today at his physical and mental peak. A true hero.
  18. Awesome ! thanks for the update ! was thinking about getting another Fire Stick for another room.
  19. Sure, my xbox gamer tag is TexasToon1974 if that helps
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