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  1. Agreed, which explains the ease of which Klitscko was able to dominate.
  2. Jimbo


    Holy fuck I never imagined the new Doom would be this good, anyone else playing it?
  3. Fucking love Rocket League ! but i'm on Xbox.....
  4. Jimbo


    That's the problem, it's just privileged yuppie kids, you don't see many of the working class there, even the poorer Hispanics don't give a shit, they either support Mexican or Spanish teams or even Premier League teams, you don't see many average Joe's there.
  5. Jimbo


    That's the American soccer culture in a nutshell, I sat with the ''ultras" at the Houston Dynamo, those buffoons spent the whole game filming themselves banging their drums and waving their banners, in fact I honestly question if most of them even knew what the score was after the game.
  6. I was surprised at the outrage on Twitter at the whole David Haye farce, anyone with an ounce of boxing knowledge knew that was coming. Didn't the tickets go on sale before the opponent was even announced?
  7. what a day, scored the 1000th goal of the season, became the first Premier league player to get a goal an assist and a red card in the same game. Twat.
  8. Speaking as a parent, I'm an expert on using language that means "no" without actually saying it, I see that in abundance there. I think he's off.
  9. I am writing to you in the immediate aftermath of the relegation of our club - a bitterly disappointing outcome for all of us. Newcastle United rightly has a proud and long tradition of competing at the highest level and I therefore understand and share the pain that supporters will be feeling at this difficult time. Many of you have expressed strong views about what we could have done differently. I respect those views but I would like to reiterate that it has always been my intention to try to achieve the very best for Newcastle United. We invested heavily in the squad over last summer an
  10. Was saying that Charlie Austin wanted to sign for NUFC.
  11. Joey Barton talking a lot of sense on TalkSport this afternoon, says McClaren wanted him back at the club last summer but Ashley vetoed it.
  12. Just listened to an Everton Fanzine editor call in on TalkSport, he was very much opposed to Benitez replacing Martinez. Good.
  13. Lets hope so, I know Liverpool and Everton have a special kind of rivalry but surely Benitez wouldn't go there, surely?
  14. if its not Rafa, I think I'd be ok with risking Cathro, we can't afford to have to re-learn the lessons of the last couple of seasons with a new manager who gives everyone a clean slate.
  15. I'm not sure his mind-games did anything, in fact they seemed rather desperate, bottom line is they struck gold when they signed Defoe, he's the only difference between them and being Aston Villa style cannon fodder.
  16. I wouldn't be shocked if they just promoted Cathro
  17. Even if he's told to "sell to buy" it might not be the worst prospect in the world. But I'm not building my hopes up, using the "a pessimist is rarely disappointed" mind-set, I've already come to terms with his departure and await next season with Ian Cathro as NUFC manager, but I live in hope to be wrong.
  18. I like Canelo a lot but he needs to defend his middleweight belt against an actual middleweight, and not jnr middleweights and welterweights at barely 155lbs, I hope the GGG fight comes off, he's a true middleweight with a punch to match. Props to Khan for taking the fight, not sure I think he was winning at the time but he was certainly competitive.
  19. Can't quite understand why Civil War isn't an Avengers movie.
  20. he's an absolute embarrassment to the sport in my opinion, I can't wait to see him get knocked the fuck out as soon as possible, sadly I think Klitschko is too far over the hill to do that, but maybe Deontay Wilder or AJ might take care of that.
  21. That really was hard to watch, although I think it served well in showing that the problem with people like that is a lot more than just self control.
  22. Everton's Z-Cars theme makes me want to stab a baby
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