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  1. Whats the Premiership? have we suddenly turned in to Norwich fans on 606?
  2. Under McClaren that would have been a 5 of 6 goal capitulation, and don't get me wrong, for a lot of that game we were shite, but 't further serves as a reminder of how unpredictable this league is as we continue to try and predict the remaining games.
  3. I'm clinging to the naive hope that he might see NUFC as an ongoing project and not want to leave a work in progress, even if we go down.
  4. went to see The Darkness at the Houston House of Blues last night. fucking awesome !
  5. as usual there's a new iPhone out in September if you can ignore the agenda of iPhone hate in this thread.
  6. Literally "sunshine fanny" in Truro apparently... https://www.facebook.com/TheExposerUK/videos/468394163356415/
  7. Looks like we will see Joshua next on the July 9th Fury V Klitschko rematch card, maybe to fight the winner or fight Haye, probably at Wembley in the autumn, suddenly the heavyweight division is alive again, which can only be good for boxing.
  8. Joshua is certainly exciting, Martin is bit of an unknown quantity, but he's southpaw so he might pull off a few surprises, thankfully due to the lack of quality in the division it's not like he's facing a massive leap in class, a fight with Fury is a natural, I'll be interested to see what Fury looks like in his rematch with Klitschko, i could totally believe it if he came in massively overweight and get beaten by a motivated Klitschko.
  9. that was definitely one of the best elements of The Force Awakens in my opinion, it felt very real in a cinematic kind of a way.
  10. Say what you want, but these boys know how to market shit, no sooner is Episode 7 released on blu-ray, they keep the dicks hard by releasing a teaser for Rogue One.
  11. Took my kids to see Superman Vs Batman last week, all my apprehensions were justified, horrible casting, way too long and a turd of a plot.
  12. I see Benitez has kicked the U21 squad out of the training HQ to go train with the academy kids.
  13. Not that it should make a difference to us but its looking like Remi Garde is about to get the boot in favour of Nigel Pearson.
  14. yes, it'll be 6 years this year, can't believe how quick its gone.
  15. Fuck yes I'm bored of MLS, its rancid dogshit. I'm in Houston rather than Dallas but yes I'm still in Texas.
  16. Somethings are better left to the imagination.
  17. Don't you think they seem to be grooming Ian Cathro? and not in a Adam Johnson kind of a way.
  18. I got a boner reading that. but I had one anyway....
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