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  1. for what its worth, this book didn't change my mind on the subject, my swing from conspiracy to lone gunman theory was a gradual process which was mainly influenced by visiting Dealey Plaza, the book isn't that good in all honestly, its worth a read if you have any interest in the subject, but whilst it comes to the correct conclusion, it dismisses a number of contradictory arguments which I don't think can be so easily brushed away, it smacks of confirmation-bias.
  2. The dude hit by the ricochet was standing below the underpass at the opposite end of the plaza from the book suppository, if the bullet was fired from the knoll the gunman would have had his gun aimed at least 50 feet off target in front of Kennedy, it makes more sense that the shot came from the 6th floor, LHO fired 3 shots, 2 hits and 1 miss.
  3. This is what swung it for me.
  4. That was one of the factors that kept me in the conspiracy camp until I saw a documentary that analyzed the ballistics, its repeatable in experiments that when the carcano bullet exits a body without striking bone it begins to tumble end over end, it exited Kennedy's throat and hit Connally in the back on the side of the bullet rather than the tip, the hole in Connally's shirt backs this theory up too, and explains why the so called "pristine bullet" is flattened along one side rather than deformed on its tip. no one likes a deformed tip.....
  5. Agreed, unfortunately the less than perfect Warren Commision Report, and the shoddy autopsy (which if you read up on it you can firmly blame on the Kennedy family) just adds fuel to the conspiracy fire.
  6. up and to the left, up and to the left....
  7. I think a lot of conspiracy fans mistake incompetence with proof of conspiracy.
  8. the whole book suppository building is a museum dedicated to the assassination, the main exhibit area is the 6th floor but the snipers nest is enclosed in glass so you can't look out of the same window, but you can on the 7th floor, and my first reaction was that the kill shot (which is tastefully marked on the road) was a lot closer than I had imagined.
  9. as opposed to when the president only travels through tunnels.
  10. In all honesty it started to become more believable since I visited Dealey Plaza.
  11. If I'm honest, I've changed my mind over the last few years, I think Oswald did it.
  12. Just read "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner, a great read but firmly entrenched in the lone gunman theory of the JFK assassination, as biased towards the Oswald argument as the numerous Conspiri-tard books are biased to the Maffia/Cuban/Russian/ theory.
  13. "A good big'un will always beat a good little'un" [/Reg Gutteridge] ....or was it Jimmy Saville?
  14. Can't argue with that kind of erudite reasoning. You got me chief.
  15. Quoted for truth. To be honest the 256gb was only $5 a month more, so why not !
  16. I still can't make up my mind about this fight, logic tells me that GGG is going to pulverize him but there's a nagging doubt that with a home crowd behind him, Brook might be able to out-box him, if he can do the "Mayweather" routine, he might surprise people.
  17. got up at 2am to pre-order a 256gb iPhone 7 plus, might get it before bonfire night if I'm lucky. Let the hating commence.
  18. Viruses and malware I presume?
  19. iPhone 7 announcement confirmed for September 7th
  20. Tiote has failed his medical according to reports....
  21. If you want to install a new build on your Firestick do you have to uninstall the previous build or will a new build go right on top?
  22. Replaced my Nest thermostat with one of these, far better IMO, HomeKit/Siri compatible.
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