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    I think McGregor's immediate reaction, that a 3rd fight would have to be a lighter weight confirms this. I wish I had a better understanding of how UFC fights are scored, when Diaz had McGregor pinned up against the octagon, how does that score? presumably that is Diaz being the aggressor, and if thats an element of scoring in Diaz's favour, then I'd say that further backs up the argument that Diaz was the winner. Either way it was a great fight and clearly close, and if McGregor getting the nod of the judges means we get to see them fight again, then I have zero complaints.
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    Judging by McGregor's comments after the fight, that a 3rd fight with Diaz would need to be at 155lbs, it would seem that he agrees with you.
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    the take down for Diaz at the end edged it for me, it was clearly close, and I won't argue the first two rounds were clearly McGregor's but I felt Diaz took the last three, certainly I think if that third round had been 20 seconds longer he'd have knocked McGregor out. McGregor was always going to get the benefit of a Las Vegas decision, he has the "Mayweather" luxury it seems. Cracking fight though, a great example of UFC for non UFC fans, certainly from the boxing community.
  4. Not sure if its time for a specific UFC thread but did anyone see the Diaz vs McGregor rematch? Thoughts on the decision?
  5. Just started watching "the night of" on HBO, only two episodes in but its a cracker so far, was meant to be James Gandofini's last work, John Tutturo plays the lead in his place.
  6. Dalian Atkinson now? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3741176/Man-38-dies-police-shoot-Taser-Telford.html?ITO=1490
  7. should be a good fight, certainly a classic Boxer vs fighter match up.
  8. thanks Graham Carr, another phenomenal piece of business.
  9. He's a fucking walking train-wreck.
  10. I handed down my previous Xbox One to my step kid, I didn't need much of an excuse to get one but its not much of an upgrade in all honesty if you don't have a 4K display, it looks a hell of a lot nicer and certainly the extra storage comes in very handy especially as I try to avoid games on disc.
  11. Its got a touch of the Oswald Mosley's about it
  12. When I first heard they were remaking it for an American audience I thought it would be a disaster, but I think its a rare remake that is better than the original.
  13. I sadly doubt it, the same mentality of people who shrugged at Sandy Hook, the typical Trump voter won't give a flying fuck.
  14. Freedumb? I liked it but I think its his weakest special so far.
  15. Fat Sam to England, Moyes to the Mackems is the latest.
  16. but good card players......
  17. The OJ Doc is fantastic, might be the best sports documentary I've seen, it sends the scene very well with his back-story, the way he seemed to distance himself from the black community and the inherent racism in the LA police force, it gets better and better.
  18. Just started watching it too, very promising so far
  19. My first reaction to the news that they were remaking it with a female cast wasn't very positive, but having seen it I honestly think they did the right thing, I think if they had done a reboot with a male cast you'd have been constantly comparing the new cast with the old cast, I'm not sure a new male cast could compete with the original line up at all. Instead I just enjoyed the movie for what it was, there were some awesome subtle nods to the original movie and the cameo appearances of the original cast were excellent. I'm glad I made my own mind up about seeing it....
  20. Saw the new Ghostbusters at the weekend, I know the internet has declared it shit, but I thought it was excellent, if you can't love a Ghostbusters movie then you must be dead inside.
  21. Went to see Louis CK live last night, absolutely fantastic.
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