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  1. I bet he was screaming for Islam to be resigned though.
  2. What a gang of cunts. Not you lot, well you lot too, but mostly these blood-sucking companies.
  3. Aye, I've just closed mine for the second time. Though this time it was less about ending up hating people I actually like and more a fuck you to Cuckerberg. There's still plenty of decent, self-aware types on Facebook but then that's true of Twitter too.
  4. I can't even imagine the people you are friends with on Facebook to outdo the likes of #nufc. I do hear when twitter first started (when I was only vaguely aware of it), for the first couple of years, it was a paradise of intellects compared to now.
  5. Who the fuck says that? Unless the end of that statement is "than the average pallet furniture aficionado".
  6. Sounds fabulous. And congrats btw.
  7. Looking like picking up a crucial point away to Luton today, good luck!
  8. Aye, good reasonable summation. Have you been at the cowies?
  9. I'd completely forgotten about him even though he was on the bench.
  10. He looked lively but I don't think he'll have the trickery to play in the #10 role. TBF to Perez, it wasn't a game where the attacking players were going to have a lot to feed off.
  11. Their first millimetres over the line; two off the post for Newcastle. Too optimistic to say worth a draw?
  12. Who the fuck is going to play there if it's serious?
  13. You've put too much effort into his post tbf.
  14. Come on Rafa, break form and make a couple subs at half time.
  15. I didn't even realise the season kicked off last night ffs.
  16. Went a bit fucking soft on "Mike" mind.
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