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  1. That's still quite racist now that I think about it.
  2. I'm going to sit on the fence on this one and say anyone who's got a problem with what he said is a fucking moron.
  3. Rugby Football, Association Football, Gaelic Football, Aussie Rules Football, American Football. It's their national sport so no mystery why they just call it "football". Same as there's no mystery why soccer, the most popular version of the game is known as just "football" in much of the World.
  4. Thanks man, I'm always lurking just been very busy lately. Hope you are well too.
  5. Smart rich people would likely weigh the £3m vs the potential damage to their reputation but we're talking about Ashley so...
  6. Aye but it's obviously a cunt's trick and they know that. Really bothers me when they try to take advantage of the elderly like this.
  7. Idk but they're going to put Tim Ferriss out of business.
  8. Aye, I thought this too during the game but forgot about it in the rush to fashion a noose from the cord off the kettle. Cher was also far more solid than what I've seen and expected thus far.
  9. Shut it or I'll garrotte you with these Sennheisers.
  10. Aye, guns don't kill people - headphones do.
  11. It's controversial, troops, but you're starting to win me over on this issue.
  12. Unreal that people are being overly critical of the one reason that Newcastle remain a Premiership club against all odds. I guess we don't deserve him anyway so we can all enjoy languishing in the Championship if we're lucky.
  13. Is this a Monty Python sketch?
  14. Oh so this is where I got it in my head it was an early kick-off. You zany cunt.
  15. OK so by @Rayvin's definition I am anti-Zionist and by @ewerk's I am a Zionist. Glad we've cleared that up. But more importantly, Corbyn is claiming the former, so unless we have evidence he's lying, this incident does not make him a racist.
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