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  1. This is pretty much where I am. I'm mostly behind Rafa for making the right decision. I'm also making a commitment right now to not watch another Newcastle match till the Fat Cunt is gone. That's not remotely the same as not going to matches but it'll be tough to do and is my own little fuck you. Will genuinely dance a jig the day the cunt dies.
  2. No need to apologise, man, if anything I blame the OP.
  3. The disturbing part is that's not even his real name.
  4. The supposed buyer has set up a company, apparently for acquisitions, and the name of the company is somewhat...telling. Monochrome something or other.
  5. Not remotely 50/50. 90/10 probably too kind to Ashley.
  6. Aye, that was a good comeback. Unlike yours.
  7. Agree with this. No evidence of an attitude problem either and Rafa and his team can actually get the best out of players in the long run.
  8. Try reading A Random Walk Down Wallstreet for some balance.
  9. Which ones do you recommend to get a balanced view on such a complex topic?
  10. Explain how Technical Analysis works.
  11. I actually did fall asleep at half time. Paid for the match and missed half of it. Doesn't sound like I missed much anyway with all the subs as I only wanted to have a look at Almirón and Barracus.
  12. I just noticed it's 3 quid and immediately gave in. It's very fucking tragic.
  13. EDIT: It's £2.95 to watch it. Not sure if it's worth its own thread but just in case anyone misses it...
  14. I hope the fat cunt sells up and promptly dies of an aneurysm.
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