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  1. Paul dummett he's basically danny simpson ,backs off way to much. Had his trousers pulled down repeatedly last night. Surely haidara has to get his chance now
  2. bought a cheap one from h n m and its canny. http://www.hm.com/gb/subdepartment/MEN?Nr=4294924788#pageSize=MORE&Nr=4294924788&N=4294869830
  3. This 5 yr with no opt out deal doesn't fill me with confidence for the years ahead. Investment off the field in the transfer windows and they wouldn't need a no opt out clause. More of the same for another 5 years. Depressing times.
  4. Why the fuck do you care? You actually are obsessed.
  5. Every time he posts I just hear "I fucking hate cats,me"
  6. Toonpack fwiw I much preferred the relegation season. Its like a fucking morgue this year. Things are going to get worse aswell.krul, debuchy, colo, remy and tiote won't be here in 12 months time and they're our best players. Who the fuck wants to play for a club with no ambition? I don't blame them either. Don't worry they'll b replaced with players half their value if were lucky and we might finish mid table. If that floats your boat fair enough. But don't be fucking naive and start throwing 60m war chests comments about cos you look deluded. Truth is no 10m+ player would even co
  7. Its a trade off, interest free for free advertising. Dress it up how you want mate. If it isn't why not charge for the advertising like you suggest.
  8. My gripe is with the interest free bollocks. Its not interest free.
  9. I'd suggest, given that some of the worlds leading companies advertise by paying for blanket sponsorship of sports and music arenas that they think its a good way to advertise their products.
  10. Hows it irrelevant? If I own a business and I can make 10m per annum by investing 8m per annum its an extra 2m for me every year.
  11. I bet it generates more than 8m for sports direct.
  12. We could probably acheieve £8m revenue from signage. That means effectively by forfeiting it for the 'interest free loan'. We are paying £8m per annum for the loan meaning its not interest free. The club as it stands is a very cheap advertising vehicle for Sports Direct, so long as we stay premier league and attract the tv audiences globally that is how it will continue. Ashley is literally having our lives
  13. They repeatedly said 'interest free loan', they said as part of the interest free loan mike wants the Sports direct signage up for no fee. How the fuck is the loan interest free when they're forfeiting upto 10m in sponsorship every season as part of the loan. None of the spokespersons even pulled them on this point either.
  14. Aye, im old and miserable though and have nee patience
  15. Don't have anything against mackems but how long are the mods going to let this knacker spout shite? Has he ever said anything non confrontational? Not even reasoned debate just plain wummery and hes allowed to crack on regardless.
  16. Ashley will spend least amount of money he deems necessary to keep us in the league. Theres not s chance of a player signing any where near 10m or above. Namely because we can't attract that calibre of player anymore and secondly cos hes wanting to recoup as much money as he can before a sale. The longer we take to sell the worse the team will get. I honestly believe that.
  17. He isn't gonna spend any money man. Are you on the wind up ? 30-40m war chest man :-D
  18. Yikes. I read it as pardews limitations were clear before cabaye left.
  19. Things have changed. Call it what you want ashley has basically started to asset strip the club. Theres no ambition other than to stay in the division, ofcourse there's a pipeline dream to qualify for the champions league but it would never happen. The best we can hope for is to retain PL status until such a time when ashleys is happy with the money hes taken back out of the club and sells up.
  20. No. People go cos they love Newcastle, they dont love newcastle because of an exciting game, its so much more than that. If you dont know I really cant be bothered to tell you. Point is, Ashley is slowly draining the passion from the club and supporters
  21. Aye im not saying he should be sacked. There's no point, hes clueless though and pisses me off that hes prepared to lose face and be undermined constantly by big mike. He must be a right spineless rat, not many managers would put up with the shit that goes on here.
  22. What's your point? He was on the pitch for 20 minutes and created 3 chances. That's 2 more than anyone else btw.
  23. Hes doing to ben arfa what he did with tevez and mascherano at west ham. Hes a fucking idiot. Dont get me started on his management of santon and costantly hauling him off early cos hes a liability at left back
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