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  1. Anyone living down the coast here that plane fly over 20 minutes ago? Sounded insanely load for about 40 seconds, im guessing it was a hercules or something
  2. Tom, do you reckon that's the reason they switched ben arfa? I assumed it was because gouffran would be more effective at tracking baines where as coleman is'nt as much a threat. Funny how people read into things differently. You could well be right though
  3. haha that was bizarre
  4. haha fair enough. Im glad we've all agreed to disagree. btw CT Graham Souness has been on JSA since 2006. He falls into the tries hard for a job category but just was'nt having any luck. It does happen!
  5. Renton you definitely live in that house just off front street with the big labour sign in the garden :-D
  6. Im not here tryint to argue, I understand other peoples situations might be totally different. What I am saying though is that @@Renton's view that it was a bad policy was his opinion only and not everyone would agree with it.
  7. The whole argument was i find it hard to believe people willing to work can go 3 years without getting a job when trying every day. I realise im lucky, but in all honesty if you have credentials and your not getting a job in 3 years your really doing something wrong or shooting way above your level.
  8. Ah, I enjoyed the 1st two series like . Ive sure the wife has just dropped in real life, might be fleeting appearances later in the series.
  9. Skilled to me is qualified, Could be cooking, could be a joiner, a plumber, a network engineer. But a skill that you posess. @@Renton you didnt say where you are from
  10. I can only speak from personal experience, My brother was a contact centre manager. on 60k salary, the firm went bust. He got a job at orange on 16k on the phones a month later , it wasnt beneath him. Should it have been? He had dreams that until the week before were realised, but he also had bills to pay. As it happens 18 months later hes earning more money now that he was there after successive promotions. People can and do choose their own job, they dont have to take any job. But, they then should'nt whinge about not having the job they think they should have.
  11. The bottom line is, for me there will always be someone unemployed, inteligent and punctual and struggling to find work, but in the long run they will get something. Then you have the others, with little or no desire to actually work, they would happily not work for their entire life, this change in policy to JSA is aimed at those people and yes it might after a few who happen to be unlucky enough to have been seeking work for over 3 years (still find it difficult to comprehend) but these people are surely the ones who can then go to an employer and say 'Yeah I have been out of work for t
  12. I am literally looking now to find someone who isnt employed, theres a few on maternity mind
  13. I have openly said I dont know any, which could be why i cant comprehend skilled people seeking any form of employment for 3+ years and being unable to find work. People are quite cagey about this topic, probably because they either are or know someone who falls into this category. I would probably feel the same if i did. The age old question is though, are these people willing to do any job or are some jobs beneath them, even in the short term? A quick look on job centre plus tells me theres 34 food service assistant positions (ie fast food vendors) within 10 miles of me. The sad
  14. I live in Whitley Bay, always have. Where are you from like? Dont feel sorry for graduates. I graduated last June, got a full time job the week later doing data processing for 15k, last September i got a job as a computer programmer(after graduating with an IT degree). Ive just asked my mrs, we actually dont know anyone who is unemployed (and claiming benefit), Its not like we are loners or anything, we have around 1000 friends ('aquaintances') between us on facebook.
  15. I find what your saying difficult to comprehend. Not knowing anyone on jsa,i find i difficult to comprehend that there really is skilled, willing workers unable to find employment. An example is, my mother took voluntary redundancy last year. She hasn't sought enjoyment since. Last week she applied for a position stacking shelves at the local coop. Got an interview and got the job. She is 50 odd, no particular qualifications , and has been away from a working environment for 12months. I dont intend to sound arrogant but from my experiences i genuinely haven't known anyone who really wants a
  16. Its difficult to have any kind of constructive discussion on here, snipe Central .
  17. You come across quite rude btw. Gainful employment, you're going to need to expand on that. i think peoples opinions have a lot to do with their social circles. I Dont actually know anyone in receipt of jsa, yet i know hundreds affected by the economic downturn and redundancies etc.they have had no issues getting work, in alot of cases its not work they wanted to do but they have mortgages and bills to pay. And no, i certainly don't hang round with high flyers etc
  18. I havent seen anything mentioned about people with mental health issues. As far as i can see it targets people who have been out of work for 3years+. Frankly if you havent been working for 3 years or more your getting into 'waster' territory to be honest. Why not make people of sound mind and able body, who have been claiming benefits for more than 3 years work for their money? Because its not minimum wage? Nah not for me, these will be the most extreme cases where 99% of them dont actually want to work. Personally i think its a good idea. People will sharp realise they could earn
  19. Season 3 starts sunday ;-)
  20. A quick google suggests that alot of ppl got thus, error when the power cable to the hard drive was disconnected. easiest way to check go into bios and see if your harddrive appears in devices
  21. Its odd that, normally if your harddrive had failed you would get an error message saying no harddrive detected boot failure. i would be tempted to try that hard drive in another machine as a slave and atleast then you'l kno if its working or not. If your other machine doesnt detect it assume the worst. (unless you haven't connected it properly)
  22. Is your hard drive clicking? do u have a restore cd? most laptops have restore built into the boot so you can restore to factory settings without the key. Possibly f8 on boot screen
  23. Alternatively you can cancel your current sky package, Sign up again in your spouses name, thus getting 50% off for 12 months or whatever the new customer deal is and quidco/topcashback cash/vouchers too
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