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  1. Aye im done for now. Not like im fairweather either, Had my ticket relegation season and championship.
  2. Didnt want to go tonight which is a first. Walked out after the second. Can't sit and watch it anymore. Pardew playing santon then repeatedly hauling him off early when hes had another mare. Ashley is the main issue but pardew isn't far behind. Til ashley fucks off I find it difficult to see whats keeping my interest.
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    Yeah we've gone with cool blu dj based in boro. Yeah I have already hoyed a website up for people to rsvp and choose a song as well. Cheers for advice
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    Aye I thought as much.
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    Reet, having a mare with Close House at the minute. With 4 1/2 months to go to the wedding we sent over our final wedding breakfast, canapes, drinks choices. We then got an email back saying that the food choices were off the old menu and not available anymore, we need to choose from the new £15 per person more expensive menu. Now all the way through the process even at the wedding tasting in September we were made aware of the new menu but repeatedly told that they would honour the 2013 menu we had originally been given and done food tasting from the 2013 menu. After a few heated em
  6. Haha the club struggles take 4 phone calls never mind 4000
  7. Oh. Are you still under the impression that kinnear is here to advise and finalise incoming multi million pound transfers? I lost hope a while back tbh. Hes probably the only mug stupid enough to be the face of this whole charade. Keegan was spot on. Wow I sound like LM.....
  8. I don't fancy us tomorrow. Its the type of game we expect to win but probably be another west brom/swansea away. 2-0 norwich
  9. if you could do 25th feb this would be a cracking deal? http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/2-nts-rome-2-nts-venice-4-flights-train-journey-travelzoo-1802351 2 nights in rome and 2 in venice.
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    Thanks, Ill have a look.
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    Pretty much stretched as far as i can already go, so a band is out of the equation. Just got quoted £800 for a dj?! I was going to do a playlist myself aswell so that seems like an obscene amount of money. I was thinking £300 is probably more reasonable?
  12. gym every other day, 3 miles on treadmill then 9 miles on the bike. Just enough to keep my basic fitness.
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    Chaps im back on the case... Can any1 recommend a wedding Dj?
  14. Has said his goodbyes on twitter tonight. Shame, not the most technically gifted but can't fault his effort or commitment.
  15. Just checked. It looks like the average single person pays roughly $100 per month. That's a huge amount. Those with pre existing conditions are taken to the cleaners by all accounts. God bless the nhs
  16. Out of interest, does anyone know what sort of amounts people pay for health insurance in america? Cant imagine it being cheap if thats what they are paying in fees.
  17. Woahh Gemill. Totally disagree, I love going to the pub early doors getting some breakfast and soaking up the atmosphere. In reality the coppers are doing walkrounds in bars by 8am and drink is limited to food orders til 10. I kno ppl who get up at 5am and stay drinking in the house. If ko was 3 or 530 they would get up later and just start drinking the same amount of hours b4 ko anyway. Say 9 or 10 for a 3pm ko.
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    Aye, they were spotted having lunch at Rangers favourite Poul-tree restaurant. I'd hedge my bets that it was nandos.
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