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  1. Tickets to see drake in Liverpool and a night at Liverpool mal maison.
  2. He does the same job defensively as jonas but in a different way. Jonas plays so deep it invites their fullback higher. Gouff drops deep when necessary but generally starts higher and busts a gut to get back, meaning the opposing fullback starts alot deeper and is less of a threat.
  3. Aye fair play, offers the same defensively but better going forward. Great value for 500k.
  4. Ashleys a cock like. everything is his way or the highway. Im honestly astounded nobody has got their hands on him uptil now.
  5. Out of curiosity has anyone bought anything from 'the guitar shop' on high Bridge? Is it any gd?
  6. End of the line for fergie? Dummett sign for 6 years and he doesn't seem to be getting his game at Birmingham
  7. Just got up, get myself solrted then metro to town, 5 swans for food and a few then bus over to the ground. Fingers crossed!
  8. Went to this and the 4-1 away. The away match was better in my opinion, probably cos it coincided with my 18th bday. Canny weekend! More of the same on Sunday please
  9. In honour of Dean (who loved the derby) Gate Shrub hedge plantpot shrub patio Fence pond gnome fence Hose shed Bench Shovel Weed Worm Watering can Lawn mower Prediction 0-3 shed first goal.
  10. Been watching 'The Tunnel' on sky Atlantic seems canny so far.
  11. Bus i think. Me old man tries to avoid any bother. I'd rather get the train like. Its criminal how long they keep u stuck on them buses. Nearly pissed meself last year
  12. Going to this one, anyone else attending the sos?
  13. Nightmare, it was a pissed side on pout with the question good looking cunt or ugly cunt? :-D
  14. cracking stevie 'selfie' on twitter this morning. Lock up your daughters!
  15. Welbeck and sturridge aren't clinical enough. We miss a proper number 9, too many number 10s
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdF7VgZNdG4 possibly b already posted but funnny tho :-D
  17. that SBR £50 donation thread is nearly up there with the telephone number in the paper one from days gone by. I have just read it on my lunch and picked out a few of my favourite bits. cant believe after this thread I didnt even realise... http://www.toontastic.net/board/topic/33535-your-pl-best-11/#entry1131758
  18. Oh my, i had no idea stellar stripes was deano. Can't believe he has the nerve. Didn't he threaten legal action after the link to his website was put up? That thread was nearly gold status. Must have been a few years ago now, disappointed the young man never got an airing on rogue traders. For those that werent around then... http://www.justgiving.com/thesirbobbyrobsonfoundation/58 http://www.justgiving.com/thesirbobbyrobsonfoundation/57
  19. CT i would suggest Base unit +keyboard and mouse http://www.ebuyer.com/523161-acer-aspire-x3-sff-desktop-dt-sjlek-051 £299.99 With monitor http://www.ebuyer.com/397349-hannspree-18-5-inch-wide-led-he195abb-vga-1366x768-vesa-black-monitor-he195abb £69.99 Speakers http://www.ebuyer.com/276265-trust-mila-2-0-speaker-set-pc-multimedia-speakers-5-watt-16697 £7.49 Total £377.47 inc free delivery.
  20. Was I the only one who thought those elephants were high heels? Also the white russians are lovely. Can get them in revolution called a russian bride i think. The trick Brock, is to use vanilla vodka - makes them even nicer
  21. Increased employment to record levels isn't really appropriate. Theres millions on those horrible zero hours contacts..
  22. CT im currently employed by the nhs, were undergoing operation 'pacific'. we've been told all our operations will be outsourced to strategic partnerships by 2018. I'll probably be offered a position by whoever gets our contact but its still shit. I didn't mean the nhs as a whole, but effectively step by step its going private.
  23. CT , 500 is a lot for a pc for a youngen. I'd revise down as your going to get wastage buying an i5 or i7 for someone web browsing and doing homework. 400 with a monitor would seem appropriate. Look at i3 processors with about 6gb ram. Should be sufficently future proof too
  24. The lib dems will get a kicking in the next election and rightly so. The tories intend to privitise the nhs by 2020, they strongly oppose but don't have the balls to do anything. The student fee upto 9k fiasco was appalling aswell.
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