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  1. Rang up to threaten to leave as i heard they always offer u 50% off for 12 months to stay. That offer, never came but i proceeded with the cancellation anyway. A week later an automated letter came through the post saying to call back now and they would cancel my cancellation and give me 50% off for 12 months. Currently pay 40quid for everything
  2. Debuchy, take a bow. so many shit balls going forward but tops it off with a shombolic defensive display. We were desperate today. How long do you persist with Cisse? Doesnt even look likely.
  3. Mackem humour, spelling his name papisse. Bet theyre pissing themselves on rtg you tinker
  4. CT, Skipped back to my 2010 Paris thread, i stayed here http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g187147-d236574-Reviews-Hotel_Louvre_Bons_Enfants-Paris_Ile_de_France.html really nice hotel in a great location. Would definitely go back. Hotels own website http://www.hotellouvrebonsenfants.com/en/
  5. Haha that surely can't be CT, If it then who the fuck was it performing the audio for CT on the "what do u sound like thread". The face is not compatible with "oohhhh it is i,ct here...."
  6. Right CT, the point i was making was for you the enjoyment of the match is the atmosphere, this is fair enough. For me the enjoyment of the match was being able to watch some of my old favourites have a kick about for a good cause. Because that football is a side show to you i can understand why you pointed out your disappointment with last night as a spectacle since many factors accumulated to create a null atmosphete. I enjoyed it even having been to shearers testimonial, wouldn't think twice about going to another. You have stated that you wouldn't go to another which is your opinion and i
  7. Catmag, that photo is amazing, he'll look back at that photo forever. Wow CT's first and last testimonial and he's not going again cos it was boring. Fish has already said everything that needs saying, you continually embarrass yourself, it was about raising money for worthy local causes and saying thanks. but its always about CT right? Shameful
  8. JaMoUsE


    Never used to mind villa, enjoyed a few away days in the cap and gown but what utter cunts they proved to be when we went down.
  9. Its social media. That's what happens. Peoplehave always whinged, now its just easier to hear it
  10. CT struggles to understand, its not his fault. He hasn't got the bug, that inner passion. Its clear from his posts he can take it or leave it but for others there is a massive desire and passion about the club.they care to the nth degree and their feelings aren't just left on the terrace like his. For CT supporting newcastle is as much a social thing as it is for the love of nufc. I don't think your in a position to call anyone for bring emotionally attached just because u can take it or leave it.
  11. 2-1 home win. We will get 2 first half goals , sit back, conceed, then hang on
  12. First episode of chickens, quite enjoyed it
  13. Could be wrong but im sure Nolan isnt that prolific away from home. First goal will be massive
  14. Born in princess mary in newcastle, always lived in whitley bay
  15. We've had eyes, face, torso, thighs and calves. What about those of us with foot fetishes man
  16. I said nowt about all the previous "selfies" but howay man stevie a topless one the day? Christ almighty! :-D
  17. JaMoUsE


    Haha http://www.paulslattery.co.uk/media.asp is the website. Must be a canny gig if you can do that on the side.
  18. JaMoUsE


    The blokes actually the guiness world caricature champion. Says its 3 minutes per sketch. Im not puling ur leg
  19. JaMoUsE


    Stupidly mentioned the idea of getting a Caricature to draw pictures of the guests as favours for the wedding, been quoted 400 quid by a few local ones i found via google. Thats 400 quid for 2 and a half hours work, surely seems a bit much? I mean thats a canny hourly wage for someone who's outlay consists of a pen and paper... Anyone know any or has had any experience of going to a wedding when its been done before? Could be be a very expensive and shite idea
  20. Ahhhhh jealous! Where did you get tickets? ive been looking for tickets for manchester but the prices people are charging are silly
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