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  1. Ben arfa clean through in the last 20 seconds and fucks around. Hes clueless at times.
  2. Moving on from the hatem argument. I would drop santon for haidara. He's been woeful for 5 games. Subbed in 4 of the last 5. Who subs their left back man? Hes canny when we aren't under the cosh defensively but with him being so poor positionally I can see walcott tearing him a new 1 in behind (pardon the pun). I think haidara has more pace and would be a better fit for this one
  3. A fouls a foul. Saying the crowd should get on the refs back because your playing a physical team is bollocks. We are the better team, if we play the football we are capable of we will win regardless.
  4. Haha "our players should go down at every opportunity and fans pressure the ref" what the fuckkk. Any reason why?
  5. Really looking forward to this one . No doubt it will be a massive let down. ..
  6. Hopefully he puts sissoko more central and ben arfa wide right. Can see him bottling it and pay shola tho, just cos they're a big side. 3 nil home win. Remy to notch and cisse to bag a brace after coming on
  7. Certainly not. Ie 9. Reveal yourself creep
  8. Ginger Grouse is nice if you fancy something different.
  9. there was hundreds off accounts made with predictions all the other have since been deleted. things like @ucl_fraude was one.
  10. Cant see him not playing, looks like the same team again with Anita in CM and either Hatem or Shola further up
  11. Where has this info about Debuchy being injured came from? Pards said everyone fit other than ryan taylor.
  12. https://vine.co/v/hQOPVYuzFVj This creases me up.
  13. massively concerning that obertan gets in ahead of marveaux and Sammy ameobi.
  14. Samsung galaxy s4, eventually upgrading from my s2. Seems a great phone, shame in a way as i loved my trusty old s2
  15. Until yesterday i was unaware of the notion that some people think black ppl all look the same
  16. try typing a message then click outside of the box the clicking back to the box to edit your text. doesn't let me.
  17. Upgraded yesterday and having a nightmare editing text and posting. Is this a known problem?
  18. The picture in question was 4 people, top left had an afro (haidara i assume) top right was a beasty bald black man (sissoko?) Bottom left was th spit of cisse then other was actually anita. I can only assume that having lookalikes when u are black is deemed racist not by the black people themselves, but by people who think its offensive to have a black person look like them and are actually probably the racist ones themselves.
  19. Nobody can justify why it is a. Stupid or b. Racist. Says alot
  20. I don't understand today's society, he's having a laugh with friends who have not taken offence, now hes charged by the FA on behalf of the average joe who have created hysteria on behalf of people who weren't offended anyway. Anyone who suggests that somebody else was offended by his tweet is full of bullshit really. So many people saying it was stupid etc but why is it stupid? because some people in todays society have decided that this kind of thing is racist? When really its not and no1 is actually offended by it. What a load of utter codswallop, im calling reginald d hunter immedi
  21. How is that racist? If i post a picture of a bloke with long hair and tag my mate with long hair am i racist?
  22. @leazeslad: best looking nufc supporting lasses I follow #ff @StephClark6 @discofonz @BeccaBarberella @Francescabeebe @friskyy27 @kayleighk7 @Annax1603 This is amazing, Stevie you creeeeeep! I'd say hashtag LAD but im too old and frown upon such things.
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