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  1. I remember Alan Smith on the right wing away to Derby.
  2. The way the tournament panned out? And beyond.
  3. He's enhanced his reputation since Real Madrid in my eyes. My thoughts are that the FA should look beyond this guy. Wenger maybe?
  4. I don't believe in Southgate as a manager but this run has ensured him for a while, so in a weird way any progression has been harmed. I honestly think they could have won this under Allardyce.
  5. Can't disagree with a lot of what Ginger Quiff has said. This will be the highest point of Southgate and, weirdly, it should have been higher. I was watching it thinking we'd win it if Rafa was in charge.
  6. I always trust the keeper with the biggest wanger. One day a crucial save will be made by a wanger. And a pump.
  7. Since Rafa the team plays better with this cunt not in the team. It's obvious to anyone who watches us with interest. I don't understand the debate.
  8. This era's David Kelly and everyone knew it. If only our owner wasn't a complete cunt.
  9. What the fuck is coming out of Gayle's head? It's like he rubbed chow mein into his scalp, then a bat shit on it and stimulated growth.
  10. I think he loves it here and it'd take a massive howk to the clems for him to want to leave. Even under this cunt you have to think he'd get the telly money to spend, which he'd take and is just trying to ensure.
  11. His stock has never been so high. Hopefully the Serbian Billy Shitehurst gets this lot up automatically and their hearts rule their heads.
  12. Who can? Far too often Perez chooses the wrong option or fucks the right one up. He should have easily slid Slimani in first half. He's a trier but needs upgrading.
  13. I like him, me. He looks like a good Mitrovic. Be interested to see what happens when a chance falls his way, but in the main he looks a good upgrade on the Serbian Billy Shitehurst.
  14. What the fuck is a "proper football club" like? One that's old and a bit shit and not Newcastle?
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