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  1. Plenty replies but no answers to my questions.Give it a go .I have never worked with anyone who has been loyal to the company who wouldn't have moved if the money was right.So what kind of loyalty is it if it can be bought.
  2. I'm sure the club would have prefered to pay Harper no wage,but maybe realised his `loyalty' need to come with a wage of £25,000.Would you stay with your current employers and continue to show `loyalty' to the company if you were going to be paid nowt.Staying at NUFC for 20 years has suited both parties.if Harper had been offered another contract and decided is wasn't for him,would he be showing `disloyalty' to NUFC.
  3. Then the 3rd tier,where they are no strangers by the way.
  4. He's shown `loyalty' to himself (and family ).Living and working in the north east has suted him ( and the £25,000 ) a week. The package has suited him ( being mainly the number 2 keeper ).Would his `loyalty' have been tested if Man City had come calling ( to repeat myself because no one has addressed this scenario and we know why ) and offered him £100,000 to move his` loyalty' to Manchester.
  5. The makems gate receipts are half ours.This is down to lower crowds and thousands of makems not prepared to pay anything to watch .If you cannot see the link,please ask an adult before bothering me because i am quite buy at the moment.No offence like.
  6. Me also thankful.Canny lad ( well he comes across as a canny lad ) who has become a millionaire + by having no ambition,and we'd all have done the same,if the package suited us.
  7. Even they think they're down ,even with their Messiah as manager.
  8. He cannot defend so best to get rid.He was at fault for yet another goal last weekend.
  9. The usuals suspects ganging up with nothing as usual to bring to the party.
  10. If it didn't suit him to stay,but stayed totally for the clubs benefit then yes.He's stayed because the package has always suited him.I am yet to be convinced that he has stayed for 20 years through loyalty to the club.So Cole stays at Chelsea for a number of years and it's not through loyalty yet Harper has stayed with us through loyalty.Please explain the difference,if anyone can.
  11. Should the sweet/chocolate aisle's in supermarkets been narrower than other aisle's so fat people cannot walk along. Should local councils appoint `Fat' Wardens to hand out `fat' tickets to fat people who walk two abreast along footpaths in main towns. Should fat people be barred from public transport and taxi's because walking would do them good If fat people can produce a doctors certificate explaining that they have a medical condition which has caused their fatness then fine.
  12. If the makems could charge everyone who came through the turnstiles their gate receipts would increase dramatically,but if they attempted this,10,000 fewer `fans' would attend games.
  13. I expect us to get nowt at Man City. other fixtures. Arsenal v Reading Southampton v Chelsea SMB v Man Utd Wigan v Norwich Villa v Liverpool Fulham v QPR I am still looking down unfortunately
  14. Oh, but Harper is.So if Man City had come calling a couple of years ago dangling a contract woth £100,000 a week ( lets say Harper was on £25,000 ) he would have said no because of his love/loyalty to NUFC.He's been at Newcastle United for 20 years because it has suited him and the club.
  15. How long do you have to stay at a club for the word loyalty to be used.
  16. Wasn't their £12m striker carried off against Wales last night.Time for Agent Graham to show the makems what he really thinks of them
  17. I'd love to know what the gate receipts were,compared with ours,to see how much per ticket,the smb are paying.They cannot be paying more than half what we are paying for the matchday experience
  18. Strange how a pay rise usually accompanies further loyalty.Players will go from kissing one badge to another if the money is right.
  19. Gerrard decided to stay at Liverpool.Gerrard looked at the Chelsea option ( or so we think ) and Gerrard decided he was best off where he was.Loyalty to Liverpool never came into it.Gerrard thought of Gerrard.Harper has done what was best for Harper for 20 years.Now he has no choice but to move and the best of luck to him.If Harpers ambition was to be a professional footballer,then he's achieved it.
  20. He's been as good an understudy as you could wish for,and like i said,he has rarely let us down.There is no such thing as loyalty in football.If a player decides to sign a contract,it's because it suits him.No player has to leave a club if he's under contract.Harper has signed a number of contracts in his 20 years with us.Every contract suited him.Loyalty has never come into it.He's never been our number one keeper during this period yet has signed on the dotted line everytime.I have nothing against the lad .He comes across as a canny enough lad,and if he gets a coaching job then well done.
  21. There was a time when footballers wanted to play.Harper is not from this period,and for £25,000 a week,i would do the same.I'm happy he's done it because when he has been called upon,he has rarely let us down,but he has only shown loyalty to himself.I'm sure he could have moved on for regular football,but he's decided £25,000 a week and very little football has suited him. If this warrants a testimonial then you go and get a ticket for the game,but don't get me one.
  22. I'm giving grief to people who mention loyalty,testimonial and Harper in the same sentence.
  23. I and you have been happy to have him on the bench but forget this loyalty nonesense.He's been paid ( maybe £25,000 ) to sit on his backside on a matchday .Don't forget,for periods he's been our number 3 keeper,and has watched home games from the stands.I would think whist he was number 3 keeper,he wouldn't have needed to travel to away games either,so cut out the testimonial crap.
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