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  1. They usually do after they score against us,and then find themselves being shown back to their seats by the stewards.
  2. What would they be saying if a white player refused to wear the t-shirt.He could,of course,be making a stand with regards to anti-french chants or the like.
  3. Ferdinand enjoyed Cole being branded a choc-ice so was the non-wearing of a `lets kick out racism' a shout FOR racism.
  4. The makems do go down `easy'.It's something i've noticed for a few years.Sessignon is the worst of the cheating makems.Tiote's tackle was high and dangerous so no probs about the red card.They are by far the worst team we have faced this season.Isn't that the 3rd time this season they have played against 10 men. ( Swansea,Wigan and us ? ).I thought the ref was usless and gave the cheating makems everything.
  5. Shoes on the wrong feet !!! He could be a makem with perfect vision
  6. Will Harper be attacked tomorrow and will their pitch invaders be allowed to return to their seats.
  7. We were lucky because we scored in the last minute you know.Larssens punch off the line is never mentioned you know.Their regular-ish pitch invasions when they score at the sos are never mentioned you know.O'Neil has never apologised for saying,incorrectly,some of our backroom staff entered the refs dressing room at half time at SJP last season you know,but they never mention it.Only 200 makems were in the fullwell at the derby game on 27-3-1970 you know,but they won't mention it you know.By all means bring up what they say but don't forget what they don't say.I have other things to say about
  8. They must fill their days out by ringing up radio and tv and asking if they would like to hear their views on the topic.Do they get paid when giving their views.
  9. They still get plenty air time due to their friends in the media,but thank god no media outlet are being fooled into employing them.It looks like David James is trying to get himself a job now.
  10. John Barnes has been trying to get back into the world of football media for a few months now.Ince is itching to get back into football management.Roberts get's the odd tv punditry job and is clearly wanting more.Having their views on racism in the media keeps them in news ,reference tv/radio and managment jobs.
  11. So a blind man with a white walking stick,which looked to the police officer like a samarai, was tazered for walking away.Don't worry though,the polce officer has had his tazer taken away.Has he now been given the ok to carry a gun. The blind man should thank his lucky stars he wasn't a brazilian going off to work
  12. The reason i am asking is because the Sunday Sun ( the real one ) had an article last week about Boro's, and the stink at the moment about a millionaire southern based ex-smoggie wanting £300 expenses to turn up at one of their gigs.The reason for the gig was to raise money for ex-smoggies who have fallen on hard times.Some need operations and the PFA will only pay 75% of the costs.So why don't the ferkers join the NHS queue like the majority of us. I wouldn't like to attend one of ours and find i am shelling out again for their welfare.
  13. So should other sportsmen who have admitted taking drugs,lose their `titles'.Paul Merson had treatment for drug addiction in 1994,prior to this,he was winning trophies with Arsenal
  14. The game is a sell-out which means the makems think they are going to win.I wonder whether Marty has a song selected,just in case they do.Last season Colback should have been playing for England and McClean was better than Messi.Now they want both dropped.In fact,some clown posted ......McClean or Messi ? It took half as dozen replies before someone suggested how ludicrous the question/comparison was.
  15. The makems are saying Tilley's got turned over by Man Utd fans.I've heard nowt about it.
  16. I see the cheating makem b*stard ran again.That's what they're like though.Cheating b*stards
  17. is it possible to do it through a bank.
  18. Thanks but i was just wanting some guidence.Do i just walk into any bank.
  19. What's the best way to sell shares and how much does it cost. It's time i cashed in my Standard Life shares.
  20. And we all believe what the police say,don't we. Could all those police officers who received free travel to attend funerals for police officers they never knew not have been better off changing trains at Manchester and heading straight to Wales to help in the search for the young lass who has been missing since last Monday.The GMP force numbers more than 13,000 so very few would have ever been in contact with the two female police officers,to answer an earlier statement.
  21. Menezes.8 bullets in the head and no police officers did anything wrong.Lost cctv footage ( same as Hillsborough ). Who mentioned a public holiday for the 1,433. Am i getting this right.The police were given free travel to attend the funerals,even though they had free travel anyway !!
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