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  1. There is a bitterness and resentment regarding everything `Newcastle',whether it's on the pitch or off. That's why they're SMB.
  2. Hi. You'll find my views interesting.Please feel free to reply.
  3. Youth's in Asia and mercy killings.I don't see a connection
  4. We can all row a boat but not as good as a TEAM GB gold medal winner but how much skill is there in rowing. With a few minutes coaching we would have the technique to row `properly'. Are you not getting mixed up with fitness. I don't see a reasonable amount of skill in either shotputting or marathon running.Technique is required in shotputting but what tequnique or skills are required in running 26 miles as quick as possible.Was the fastest runner in your football team the most skillful.
  5. Nothing.Just like many other posts .on this topic.Might be best if you have a word with everyone to avoid further confusion. xxx
  6. but i'm right,reference the lack of skill.
  7. Too many events where no skill is involved.Get on a bike and peddle like mad.Get in a boat and row like mad.Get on a track and run like mad. Get in a pool and swim like mad. Some events are exciting,granted,but usually lacking in skill.
  8. Bob Paisley.3 European Cups . Fergie 2 Champions Leagues.One when qualifying after finishing 2 nd in the Prem. Paisley.Best British manager for me.
  9. `cracking player' `great finisher' so why is his goalscoring record in the Prem average.Why has he never played for a big team.Why 0 goals in 8 games for England.He's only once scored more than 15 Prem goals in a season. He was a one season wonder who failed miserably in an England shirt.I cannot remember any big team being remotely interested in signing him yet he is/was highly rated by a few of you.
  10. me nufc.should be clear on me posts.me started going in 1962.me used to have a kickaround on Sunday afternoons with Alan Suddick.he lived in 25 ,i lived at 75.me dad used to work with his dad and Albert Benett's dad at the pit.me was a regular visitor to Benwell when McGarry was manager.sir joe was scout in those days.me not like makems ( make them/take them.no c hence MAKEMS not mackems )
  11. 259 prem games 91 prem goals 8 England caps 0 England goals Nowt special basically. Then again,a hero in makemland cos he scored against us.
  12. 8 caps 0 goals.The makems say he was never given a chance. I'm suprised this one season wonder was given as many
  13. Some accurate shooting going on though.
  14. If it's not going to be Ferguson wide left,then we need someone with a left foot ,so over to you Mr Pardew.
  15. We are missing out by having a right footed player playing on the left.The play slows down,so Jonas needs shifting from the left.Remember Scot Sellers.Him and Beresford kept things ticking over down the left due to both of them being left footed.The same when Sheedy played.Santon is right footed so nowt is going to happen on a regular basis with neebody left footed on the left.
  16. I have never rated Jonas but i will not be asking for him to be sold until he plays wide right.He has no left foot yet he is played wide left.He will never produce on a regular basis if he is on his wrong side. Ferguson has shown that he has something about him .
  17. I remember ratboy on local tv admitting he hadn't gave 100% during his last 18 months at the sos.I also remember Dave Watson,back in the 70s,saying he would rather retire from football than play for the makems again.
  18. Lizarazu.God shout.He can be my 3rd best.As for Cafu.Best right back ever.Only player to play in 3 Finals in the World Cup ( as in final game ) i believe.
  19. Phillips admitted on local tv that he hadn't give 100% during his last 18 months at the sos.I remember Dave Watson back in the 70s saying he would rather retire from football than play for the makems again.
  20. My fatha is 85 and he told me years ago that the FA CUP was THE trophy to win before the 60s.You try and name more League winners than FA CUP winners before 1966.
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