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  1. `do you remember that olympics that happened last year ? ' lol
  2. March 6th at the Riverside Lodge .I saw them at the Stanley Music festival last September and they were excellent.Well worth seeing .Don't get confused with Wishbone Ash mind.
  3. No matter where you live at present or where you move to in the future,it will be better than living in sunlun
  4. And about time too.No more retiring before possible prosecution and joining other forces.And about time too. As for police officers with second jobs,should they be allowed to drive whilst on duty,because there must be a risk that fatigue could come into play during their shift,and speeding to incidents could cause extra deaths on our roads.
  5. The makem Sissoko hauled off again before the 70 min mark.Seems he's like Forest Gump when he's on,and probably not as good a footballer as young Gump.
  6. Well i might when we beat them,just to see how lucky we were and how unlucky they were.
  7. I'm struggling to find any articles in the media on french cliques that were to prove damaging at SJP.Then again,i don't reading the makem echo sports paper.
  8. It certainly looking more and more like that.Any news on his soccer schools in America.You know,one of the main reasons for his move to America.
  9. The makem `Sissoko'.Someone called N'Daye apparently.After his debut where he had a good game,he was classed as a good player ( this they always do ).He was hooked after less than 70 mins in his second game and received 5/10 in the Sunday Sun for his performance against Reading.Aye.It looks like they've unearthed another diamond.
  10. His agent must have noticed the state Gazza was in before the talk-in but probably allowed Gazza to take the stage so he ( the agent ) got paid.
  11. Does anyone know what the annual fees are for current players and ex-players.
  12. We seem to hear bad news,then good news, then no news, then along comes the bad news again and so it goes on and on and on and for many years this has gone on.Not for much longer methinks unfortunately.
  13. Maybe he was going to scoff it down and then head straight out on the lash ,in his dressing down.
  14. Why not keep it quiet.Has he received publicity by going public.Was he after publicity for `Brand Beckham' .
  15. It does look like a generous gesture,but are you totally convinced ? Any idea of what is happening with his USA soccer schools ? Why a french charity ?
  16. Unless he gains more financially in other ways.Why did he make it public.Why a french charity.What will he do if PSG are drawn against Man Utd in the CL.If he can gain more publicity by not playing,he won't.I forcast an `injury' if it happened ,which may mean he will possibly miss the game,and a long drawn out farce leading up to the game ,i e further publicity.
  17. I wasn't expecting our 4-6-0 formation to hold out against Villa,but we did.It's not a formation i would like to see again against teams below us to be honest.
  18. Is this publicity seeking gesture going to end up in any financial gain for him. Why didn't he keep it quiet.What has happened to his USA soccer schools.He's up to something i'm telling you !
  19. Not obsessed but when the opportunity to have a dig at them crops up,then count me in.Maybe you are a tad too young to realise the importance of a dig or two .It will come though.
  20. I used to think Beresford was an average left back,with reference to defending, but he was a damn site better at defending than Santon,Taylor,Ferguson and Enrique. I want a full back who can defend.If he isn't much good at attacking then that's fine by me.I can wait a season or two for the new Maldini to sign.
  21. Does Graham have a clause in his contract that will allow him to move to Gateshead in the summer ? Only the makems would sign a player who is hated by their fans.
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