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  1. If he was one of the best players in the world at Liverpool,how come he never scored more than 20 leaague goals in any season for them.
  2. Owen was a goalscorer and nowt else yet his record is nowhere near as good as Shearers who also lead the line as well as score goals.No comparison whatsoever.
  3. he even uses his left foot to launch himself even harder into the tackle.Gray on talksport had tried to justify the hight of the tackle by saying the ball was a couple of foot of the ground when he made the tackle !!!..The scouse thug knew what he was doing.You don't have to have played at any level to know that he went to `do' him. Now media are suggesting nowt will happen because tv footage and photo's show the linesman looking at the incident so it was seen on the day. Straight after the final whistle,Martinez said he hadn't seen the tackle but he had been told contact with the ball had b
  4. Correct.He never scored 20 goals in any season.
  5. Taylor to me is an old type centre half and i think you need a bit more in your locker to be an internatioinal defender aginst the best.Montenegro and San Marino are not the best europe has to offer so good luck to the lad.AND DON'T GET INJURED !!
  6. Was it ever confirmed that he flew in by copter every day for training.
  7. Makem galactico watch £12m man Fletcher.31 games and 11 goals. 5/10 £10m man Johnson. His substitution was cheered by home fans.3/10 £3.8m makem Sissoko.On the bench and stayed there. £5m man Agent Graham.6 games and 0 goals.5/10 £30m for that shower of.
  8. I wonder what the average price is per matchday ticket.
  9. They're receiving free tickets through the post with no other info.One makem has said his kids school were raffling 50 free tickets this week for the Norwich game..FTM. Desperate desperate moves by Ellis Short to get 40,000 through the turnstiles.
  10. Ian Abrahams on talksport has just said `this game will be played at the REAL stadium of light.'
  11. Their goal against QPR came from a poor centre from Sessignon and a shot from Johnson that became a centre.
  12. well if i'd paid to get in,i would prefer one side to try and bowl the other side out , other than simply watch the captain of the fielding side have a chat with the other captain ,then decide to inform the umpires the game should be finished.
  13. there was a peroid,probably the 90s, when scopey was on the door.
  14. views.sorry.Nice to see you checked though chairman.
  15. A thread started prior to the NUFC v Southampton game reached 50,000 posts on rtg.
  16. Was your fatha on the door at crocs with nigel and co.
  17. I delivered to Kevin Carr's house in Bedlington around a dozen or so years ago.There lass answered the door and the second thing i noticed was a huge picture of Carr wearing his keepers strip,just inside the doorway.He was a copper at the time if i remember right.
  18. They'd take relegation and a win against us as an acceptable double.
  19. Is ( county ) cricket the only sport where the captains can decide ,because neither team is trying to win the game,that the game should stop and stuff the paying spectators.
  20. His decision to tackle was bad,and not unexpected.
  21. When a player for the makems,Quinn was spat at by his own fans when leaving the sos with his wife and family .
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