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  1. So did you cast your vote for Messi or McClean ?.Do you agree that N'Diaye is the new Viera ? Are you now realising that we are not like you ? Tiote being worth £20m doesn't seem so rediculous when you consider what has been asked or stated recently by SAFC fans.
  2. and a recent post on rtg asked ......M'Clean or Messi. ? `N'Diaye....the new Viera'. I've said it before and i'll say it again,every makem signing is a good signing and after a good game,they are good players.Did you rate Milton Nunez,the makem Nunez or the real Nunez ? Take your pick.
  3. I do have a little sympathy with Santon because he is playing on his weaker side but i don't think he is top notch when it comes to defending but if Pardew is going to continue playing him at left back,we need to buy a better one.
  4. A left back who can defend is required.Basically another Frank Clark.
  5. I'd like to think we can get someone a bit better that's all.I hadn't realised he was signed by Boro from Chester le street Town in the Northern League.
  6. A confused makem/geordie/northumbrian Sunderland supporter texted radio Newcastle last night and classed himself as a geordie from Alnwick who supports Sunderland,so there's someone who didn't want to be classed as a makem or wearsider.If you want further proof that they are not like us,another makem said their new signing N'Diaye is the new Viera
  7. Well you must be the only SAFC supporter who is from north of the Tyne or who lives in Gateshead who is proud to be called a makem or wearsider.
  8. Straight swap for Shola,Obertans,Santon,Spiderman and Williamson maybe ?
  9. Now i'm no big fan.I've heard Moncur ( crap ) and Chopper Harris ( crap and not the hight of a pool table ).I wouldn't mind going to a talk-in with Billy Whitehurst ,The Mighty Wyn or Tony Green.
  10. So said a Swansea supporter on talksport the other day.Might be best if we stay clear.I know the makems will be thrilled if he signs for them ,as they are with every signing,especially if they think they pinched him from under our noses ( as in agent Bruce ).I'd have him as a straight swap for Shola mind.
  11. Whether we qualify or not to being a `proper' geordie,we are never offended when we classed as one,but you call anyone living north of the tyne or Gateshead who support the makems a makem and they will quickly let you know they are not,and in a way which suggests they have been insulted.I don't think anyone is really proud of being a makem or being called a makem.
  12. Dundee Utd were right to vote you out so why the boycott.
  13. Have any other fans glassed their chairman,poured a pint of beer over their manager or spat at their manager and subs,or spat at their later -to-be chairman whist walking from the ground with his wife and kids..I cannot think of any of the top of my head.I await the makem denials.
  14. The makems are the Everton of Mersyside and the Man City of Manchester.Always in the shadow,whatever they think ,of their neighbours.
  15. With the makems above us,Ellis Short can feel safe with reference to have a meal on the quayside without the fear of being glassed by a makem fan.
  16. You find the odd makem who is reasonable with his views on his club but then he joins a few of his makem mates and logic goes out the window.Every signing they make is a good one.The two they have just signed have met their approval yet not one makem will have seen them play.if they have a good debut ,they are then classes as being good players.Remember how they rejoiced when Brucey became their manager.This was down to the fact they thought he had chosen them over us.His management record suggested mediocrity at best,yet he was the new makem messiah.The last messiah ( Stokoe) had a statue er
  17. Just passing on my views and the views of some smb.They ARE different to us.Gabbiadini,on Radio Newcastle was talking about the Bolton game and said that the makems had 3 of their `big' players missing in Larsson,O'She and Fletcher,hence the poor performance/result.John Anderson pointed out that Bolton had 6 missing.Gabbiadini replied `But we're not talking about the opposition'.Like i said,they are not like us.If you don't know this,you don't know any or have never heard their nonesense.
  18. The makems hopes at the start of every season is 1.....to beat us at the sos .2........to beat us SJP .3............not to get beat of us .4........to finish above us. 5 not to get relegated. I know makems who would accept a relegation/beating NUFC double.That's why they are smb.
  19. A small squad may be fine as long as the squad does not include Ranger,Spiderman,Williamson,both Ameobi brothers and that useless baldy bloke we got from Man Utd.
  20. I know the `Top Dog's ' title/award was starting by the smb and they take this `award' extremely serious,if they finish or look like finishing as `Top Dogs'.They have been known ( when they don't finish above us ) to distance themselves from this `award' and even accuse us of starting this `award'. I like finshing above the unwashed but it doesn't make or break my season.
  21. I'd rather finish 15th and place or two below the makems after a season where we have played in europe,than above them having not played in europe.
  22. Is the wad for his Monaco account,which is in his dogs name
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