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  1. Think you're right actually mate. Thought the dialects may be different but apparently not!
  2. Are there any decent restaurants around there? Need to be central at about 7.30 so may go for some food there for the views/sunset.... This best earn me some serious brownie points!!
  3. Sounds like a plan mate, cheers. Only ever go to London for football so never know what to do on day like today! Luckily the weather is on our side so can do a bit of walking.
  4. Where abouts are you staying/visiting? Am doing a fly/drive for my honeymoon pretty much this time next year, can't wait.
  5. Anyone ever been to the Tate Modern before? Got a few hours to kill and want to do something to a) please the missus and stop me just sitting in a pub watching the scores come in all day.... Also thinking about checking out the Olympic village
  6. I lived in Belgium for 6 years but was too young to really appreciate it. Been back a couple of times and is always great... Always funny to try my very very basic French out. Spoke with a lad out there and he said to be able to work in the centre you need to be able to speak French, Dutch, Flemish and English. Don't know whether it was just when I go, but Brussels has the most unreliable transport system I've seen. Every train I went on was delayed with no reason!
  7. We watched the Royal Wedding there (not particularly out of choice). Is a good boozer. The amount of Americans who couldn't believe we came to America during the royal wedding was madness.
  8. I'm getting married in October next year so got ages to save for the honeymoon and stag do as the mrs' parents are kindly paying for a lot of the wedding. Doing the stag do in Vegas and wouldn't dream of anyone chipping in considering it'll cost a fair whack. As Gemmil says, I'll just be grateful people are making the trip. Fairly nervous about the idea of the speech but think it'll be an easy gig compared to the best man and father of the bride.
  9. Considering getting into 24 as need something new to watch on Netflix. Watched arrested Development, Skins, Breaking Bad (what they've got on there) and am working through Californication but not hooked on it like I was Breaking Bad. Any suggestions?
  10. I've come to the end of a sandwich and noticed that there is mould on it. Didn't do me any harm. Also eaten a chocolate bar without realising the best before date was 6 months before. I was miffed that this shop still stocked it but that tastes fine and didn't do me any harm either. Chocolate is something you can keep for ages apparently
  11. It's ridiculous, isn't it? One of the longest trips to have to make and they whack it on a bank holiday Friday afternoon. I thought Cardiff on a Sunday early afternoon (I think) was bad enough but at least people could travel back to Newcastle from the game.
  12. Unsurprising that the away end hasn't sold out with the ridiculous kick off day/time.
  13. Originally a Christian Dailly song I believe
  14. Bit late I know, but saw Copland a few weeks ago. Is like a Sopranos/HBO fest with a few A-Listers thrown in. Really enjoyable film.
  15. 5 foot 9ish and 11 stone 6. Walking 20 miles a week has helped me shift some weight but would like to get down to 11 stone for my holiday this year.
  16. This morning after looking at Muamba's Twitter account had me feeling a bit strange. Seems a genuinely nice bloke and only recently got engaged to his fiancee. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery. Aside from that I'm in a great mood. Few days away from finishing my probation at my new job which I am enjoying, got engaged myself last weekend and got a few good weekends to look forward to - including the Swansea and Man City games!
  17. The thing with Danny Simpsons leaving Twitter due to abuse, not sure if it has been mentioned already but didn't he call Dzeko "pony"? For a lad that was bigging up his chances of playing for England he won't go very far if he crumbles at a few people on the internet having a go.
  18. Just go to the pub outside the away end (The Drayton Arms) a couple of hours before kickoff and there should be some spares knocking about. I got one when we played them in the Carling cup and tickets were like gold dust at £10. If all fails and you don't get a ticket you get a night out in London as its on sky you can watch it in a pub!
  19. Cheers G. My Samsung is only 18 months old and Netflix isn't on there. Hoping it is rolled out on some of the older models soon.
  20. Though just seen Netflix will share what you watch with my Facebook friends. Not too keen on this (not that I've got anything to hide!) Is there a way of turning this off?
  21. Just about to install this bad boy. Could someone please PM me the American trick?
  22. Good call! Hate losing a bet before the second game has even started
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