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  1. That was fucking brilliant, what a debut by our new keeper, and Shelvey diving into tackles all over the pitch.Deserved all 3.
  2. Had a cunty element to him as a player, but he was ours and more than useful. Now he is just a complete cunt of a pundit.
  3. Get in, fully deserved win in the Sturk backwater. Diame and Perez stood out and Murphy can be an asset if he increases his game awareness, can dribble and a strong runner
  4. Looks like Rafa is fed up with our misfiring strikers too, he is going without one
  5. He never really looks happy on a football pitch that bloke, miserable bald cunt
  6. Nerve shredder but we looked half decent on the counter
  7. Why would you sign an almost permanently crocked striker,, said Ings about Sturridge
  8. De Bruyne, Silva and Coutinho thrilling the tits off folk
  9. Played not too shabby. Perez reminding us time and again that when it comes to a game saving/winning opportunity, he's nowhere near the deal
  10. Ritchie as a No 10, has vision and an eye for goal and isn't a flower, like Perez
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