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  1. BBC Gossip says we've been offered Daniel Sturridge who can sign on a free until the end of the season. But based on the above posts, Atsu took the last space in the squad? So to surmise, I have absolutely no idea why I'm posting this.
  2. Wilson out for the next 6-8 weeks. Is lal Dwight going to get a chance or are we going to watch “the turning fridge” aka Joelinton fall over his own feet until we are soundly relegated? Personally I’d like to see some tactical innovation by Bruce, play Miggy as a false 9 with ASM & Fraser either side but you know, it won’t happen so...
  3. Why can I feel that their intensity has already dropped? Surely their arses haven't already dropped?* *As I was typing this... Fuck sake.
  4. Only hope we have is if Ancelotti loses his mind and plays t-rex arms.
  5. What the hell was that? Good football?
  6. Rhubarb. This is beyond a joke now, how can the board not see that the players aren't playing for him anymore?
  7. Chronicle reporting he's been backed until the end of the season. So, if Covid ends, who fancies a trip to Barnsley on the ale?
  8. I dunno, he took over at Watford and that place is a complete shitfest.
  9. They did this with McClaren supposedly just before he was sacked, so could be a good sign but I doubt we'll be that lucky.
  10. I'm too hungover for this shit. This is as bad as I've watched in years, training game for Villa.
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