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  1. ah fantastic, Nicos putting that header in and promptly running shirtless past the stunned mackems heading for the away end
  2. Score early and win well tonight, possibly 3 or 4 nil Newcastle. Got a good feeling, shame it's on some shitty arse channel so viewing maybe a problem
  3. One match ban for me. same as what Wenger got
  4. I am worried a big deal is going to be made out of the Pardew linesman incident, could end in a 3 or more match ban.
  5. first opening day win since Fat Sam vs Bolton 2007?
  6. During the game a rubber chicken was been throw around the away end (as you do). It went up on to the scoreboard thing and after some pressure the bloke who's misguided throw had sent it up there, climbed up. How he didnt fall and break his neck is beyond me. Weird ground, i remember there was a track around the pitch and a random speed boat there, cue Newcastle fans "singing" the bullseye theme tune
  7. Mallorca away class, "get the chicken back, get the chicken back"
  8. If he comes on loan for a season, i can see us returning him to Liverpool at the end of the season regardless of how good he does, due to his massive wages
  9. you probably have, but can you try restarting your router? while your at the router have a look at the bottom and note down the ip address should incase restarting it doesnt work, should be something like
  10. give this ago Fish and let me know how to get on click start>control panel then Network and Sharing centre top left'ish second option down click Change Adapter Settings right click on Local Area Connection then left click Properties in the secord box down look for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP) select it then click the Properties button Are circles in Obtain an IP automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically ?? if not select them and then click ok, then close.
  11. thats horrible to watch, that little shit in the blue attacking the steward at the end also no police on the concourse?
  12. With this much luck, Chelsea must go on to win
  13. What was the allocation split? 50/50? Haven't heard a peep out of the Chelsea lot
  14. This is as dull as the playoff final earlier
  15. Highlight of the game so far is whoever that bird was sat to the left of roman before the adverts came on
  16. All Bayern, no way are Chelsea going to be able to withstand this pressure for ninety minutes
  17. Big Sams boring football returns to the premier league
  18. Match of the day pundit? ;-)
  19. Put the city game on to Barton sent of and qpr score, fantastic
  20. It's ok to lose, but we expect them to go down fighting at least
  21. 90 mph wind, lets keep hoofing the ball in the air
  22. This is another west brom away performance. Utter shit, hoof ball
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