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  1. Got to be sanctions for the way in which they're going about this. If it goes ahead, ban them from domestic competition. If it doesn't, put in some kind of transfer ban or all clubs involved to be docked 40 points. It'll give us some sport at least to see if we can finish above them.
  2. After every game regardless of which channel it is broadcasting, they have the same conversation about the club having the potential and not realising it, about the quality of the football being poor yet no one is levelling that at Bruce. There might be the odd comment on Ashley but largely they highlight how much of a shit show it all is without putting any pressure on who is responsible. Rob Lee made a few comments but even he's being careful what he says. Do we hope for survival for the same dogshit sandwich next year? I can't see anything changing.
  3. Exactly how I feel. Was disappointed we actually scored in the end. We are going absolutely nowhere.
  4. To be fair we're that much a joke you can't help but laugh at the shameless way we go about our business.
  5. If it gets rid of him, it's in our interest then, not his. I'm just hoping it gets to the point where he can't be bothered and just wants shot of it.
  6. Is this not a shrewd move by Ashley? He might get less money (or they might have agreed with him to pay the value anyway as it'll be cheaper than battling court cases) But If we get relegated, are we not then out of the clutches of the Premier League and free to appoint a new owner without their meddling?
  7. I thought the performance was still better than what we've been used to, but the injuries will screw us. Weird how we went half a season by playing deep with little possession and then we completely switch and try to play pressing with high possession. Jeff Linton still can't buy a goal although his movement was better.
  8. Where the fuck has this effort, pressing and commitment been the last 2 months? They've completely changed tactics here, they've been more direct, are playing more expansively and look like they're wanting to win rather than not lose.
  9. My exact thoughts when I was reading it earlier. It's pretty much a non story for any of the media outside of NUFC related outlets yet it's like a new managerial appointment.
  10. Is that the knitting needle episode or having to watch us?
  11. Agree with those 4, but I'd also say Fernandez and Schar are better than they have been recently. I'd love to say Miggy too but I just don't think he's got it at this level.
  12. She hasn't got a clue. He wouldn't get my credit card limit never mind what he's already squandered. There are players on that pitch massively underperforming. He either needs to motivate them or coach them. It seems he's doing neither.
  13. So we're still shite going forward but we're now absolutely shite at defending. Debating whether to watch the last 25 or just do a Luke Edwards
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55691203 Need to beware of this Phoenix....
  15. Hes right in that it'll just be rinse and repeat next time and the time after that. It still ultimately all falls on Ashley. Bruce was just another one desperate to get his hands on the rudder for as long as he could.
  16. Chaser

    Hey you guys

    Whatever happened to Peasepud? Last thing I remembered was when he did that sting/stalker thread and it didn't go down well.....
  17. So how long do we reckon we will have to suffer him?
  18. We scrape into the final third, then spend the next 10 passes, passing backwards into our defence. Yet another load of shit.
  19. When does this rubbish end? Choices below 1. When Brucey goes 2. When the fans come back 3. When Ashley goes 4. When we turn off the TV. 5. When the ”big 6” let us. Short term I've elected 4. It'll do for now.
  20. Big Andy to save the day as Big Joe couldn't hit a barn door
  21. This is awful. They're giving us the full training game experience now.
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