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  1. Agree. I'm reserving judgement until the end of the window. No point throwing a hussy fit if Pardew & co have a younger, fitter replacement for Nolan. If we replace him with Danny Guthrie then it's a different matter!
  2. Ally

    Demba Ba

    I like the look of Ba, always seems to hit the target
  3. Nick you owe me 2 minutes of my life for reading that drivel
  4. Wasn't Tiote £3.5m? Also the January Championship transfers were undisclosed iirc, i'd be amazed if they were on bang on £1m. Your point still stands though regardless
  5. I'm mostly office bound in a big recuitment company. I do get out a couple of times a week to some fascinating factories.
  6. Ally

    Washington DC

    There are a LOT of homeless people there, never seen anything like it.
  7. Ally

    Washington DC

    The theatre Lincoln was shot in (name escapes me) is good if you're a history buff like me
  8. Ally

    Washington DC

    American History Museum, Holocaust museum, get yourself to the top of the Washington Monument. I went there for 3 days and loved it
  9. Why on earth would Klose or Upson agree to a pay as you play deal? Woodgate or Hargreaves because of injuries but they are both regulars at their clubs and countries!
  10. Dreadful free kicks this 2nd half. Ryan Taylor really is shit
  11. Ally


    Is that Paul? Met him once via a mate in Nunthorpe
  12. Anyone saying 'Warnock should know better' after the Shef Utd saga should check the facts to know that Jim Magilton signed the player concerned.
  13. I like it. What is the point in a black 3rd kit? Surely the idea is that it's a colour that doesn't clash with the home shirt!
  14. I'm not convinced Bin Laden would be on a DNA database to verify it was him... I do think he's been killed and the conspiracy theorists were always going to come up with some stories. Even if his death is 'proven' people will still throw daft ideas around the internet
  15. My girlfriends Grandad was a guitarist in Slade, beat that.
  16. What the fuck is this camera angle all about by the way? Dreadful.
  17. How come you're moving Jimbo? #outtheloop
  18. Ally


    Ours will be about 70 for the day and an extra 30 or so for the evening. Works out about £8k for the venue hire (quite a good deal actually as all inclusive). We were going to be cheap but thought we'll hopefully only get married once so might as well make it a good one. Our respective parents are chipping in although hers aren't well off where as mine are so the arguments have already started there!
  19. Ally


    Those who are married, how much did your wedding cost? Just booked our venue for November 2012, my estimate is about £12k.....and we were trying to make it a cheap one!
  20. without boring you with the gory details it got infected out of the blue (sudden excruitiating pain etc) and it's blood supply went so it died. So they basically removed it because it wasn't going to contribute anything and had shrunk to about a 5p coin size. Was just before I went to Uni so was 18. My other one is in tip top condition thankfully!
  21. if you like, aye never went for the false one, totally used to it now both physically and mentally. I have to go for periodic sperm counts but other than that it's business as usual!
  22. I'm generally very healthy, albeit I had a similar experience to Gemmill about 7 years ago but to the next degree in pain / infection to the extent that I now fly solo down there, if you get me.
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