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  1. I don't know anyone going out in Leeds where I live. I'm not surprised though, Tiger Tiger are charging £45 for entry tickets! God knows how much the good places cost.
  2. He said it in his 10am press conference - all over Twitter via Ryder and co. I think we still might sign this Maiga and the failed medical was a trick to try and get the price down. Sounds a bit OTT but I wouldn't put it past our lot.
  3. An anagram of 'woman hitler'. Anyone else struggle? I can hardly be in the same room as her never mind speak to her. One of those where she will create an atmosphere by simply walking into a room. Don't even get me started on the Gran in law!! Any old pro's got any tips on how best to ignore / erase her (legally) from my life?!!
  4. That Bryn law clip is heartbreaking. It's just so strange and doesn't add up. I've no idea what goes through a mind pre-suicide but youd have thought his closest friends would pick up on something. To be so happy and arranging things for next weekend to the following morning doing that....I'm struggling to put the words down. Feel so sorry for his kids and wife, for us to feel like this without even knowing him...
  5. SIckening if that rumour is true. If it is then some twat of a journalist has blood on his hands today. Says everything about the British media that they will go to any extreme to publish a "scoop". The way the media works a lot of the victims of the exclusives know about it a few days before, they'll get a call saying this is going to be published on Sunday, do you want to make any comment etc. The NOTW phone hacking has been the first nail in the coffin for the tabloid media, if this rumour is true then it must be the end. RIP Gary Speed.
  6. Look, at the end of the day the bloke knows what he's doing. As above the Sports Direct brand is going to be enormous now not just in the UK but across the world. I disagree totally with the whole 'concept' of showcasing it for potential suiters though. They should just admit that they want to use the owner's business to sponsor the ground which makes perfect sense from side. There's not a chance in hell that SD are going to step aside from all that advertising and let another business hoar their brand. The whole £8-10m a season is great in principle but until SD start paying that then its just an absolute fucking joke. Anyway, of all the names to call it where did 'Arena' come from ffs!
  7. When a Friday night after work piss up sees you in bed by 10pm!
  8. Ally


    Anyone into playing golf on here? Have just started getting into it, had a few lessons and going quite regularly to the driving range and I'm enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would! Something really satisfying about hitting a nice drive.
  9. Sports Direct is literally everywhere. It's even in the glass atrium / entrance in the Miburn stand!
  10. Good day out yesterday. Totally dominant. I thought Simpson and Obertan linked up really well, just a shame neither can cross for shit! Obertans best deliverires were low cutbacks. Things looking promising
  11. Come on guys, the club needs to be able to wipe it's own nose.
  12. Yeh that would be smashing, thanks mate.
  13. Slightly off topic, we're going on our honeymoon next year travelling East to West coast for 3 weeks. Should be amazing, anyone done anything similar to recommend / advise against certain things?
  14. Good day. good day to you chap.
  15. Why is Ba in everyones best team? No better than Shola.
  16. Ally

    Work wankers

    I worked with a guy a few years ago, good lord. some of his include: EVERY day at 3pm looking at the clock and announcing to the office "is it that time already?" Humming the tune of 'Ring of Fire' literally everyday for 2 years he used to stay late in the office because he "couldn't bear to go home to that fat bitch". No one ever saw this wife. Based in Sheffield he would stay in a Travelodge at any given opportunity (even if a meeting was local ish like Nottingham) because he didn't want to go home to the fat bitch. Claimed he knocked the fat bitch out with one punch when she wouldn't let him put an England game on the tv. There's probably more I can't remember. Such a tool. He got fired in the end, mainly because no one could bear to work in the same room as him.
  17. Surprised he didn't blame it on agents or dodgy foreign chairmen
  18. Disgusting we aren't signing a striker. What the fuck are we playing at?!
  19. What Pisses me off though is that players like Johnson will end up on loan at somewhere like Bolton and we won't have even picked up the phone.
  20. For anyone who follows Serie A, if this kid is so good why are Inter even considering selling him? I've never seen him play so can't comment but just seems strange. Alessandro Pistone mark 2?!
  21. Makes you wonder with Cabaye, Gosling etc how we find out about clauses in their contracts.
  22. I'm not watching it, what was the goal like?
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