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  1. An attempt by Dave on N-O http://www.newcastle-online.org/nufcforum/index.php
  2. Reminds me a bit of Andy Cole does Cisse
  3. Hard to disagree. I think people of a certain generation will always think Maradona was the best regardless of how good someone else is. Messi is sensational and IMO just as much of an achievement to deliver consistently year in year out for a team like Barca, with the pressure / expectation at such a young age, as Maradona reviving a struggling team.
  4. Ally


    Whats going on in this thread then?
  5. Luke will be glad that the top tax rate has gone down in time for his promotion
  6. Ally


    My 1 series I got in August has been awesome, a right good car. Got about 50mpg average
  7. Remarkable comeback from QPR!
  8. Guthrie has been decent this year but that can't disguise the fact he's been thoroughly average for the previous 4. He's an ok player but nout special and certainly not irreplaceable as a squad player.
  9. if he had died you may be right but whilst he's still fighting it would be wrong to call the game off imo. A show of solidarity and support at SJP is the answer
  10. I thought exactly that, seems quite strange especially when they're running a 'live' update page. Fingers cross for the guy
  11. Awful news this, hope he pulls through. Terrifying to think he's just 23...
  12. Pardew to go, don't be daft man. Whilst some of the football hasn't been great in the last few months we're still 6th ffs. We've had a great season and picked up 3 points on plenty of occasions when we'd have historically lost. At the end of the day we're still only in our 2nd PL season and 2 years ago as .com mentioned we had the likes of Fitz Hall in the team!
  13. Hope West Ham blow it I'd like Boro and Leeds to get back promoted but looking unlikely
  14. Ally

    S**t List

    The Royal Mail. Ordered a new router that was delivered on Monday when I was at work so got the 'something for you' note, said it would be ready to collect in 24 hours. I've been Wed, Thurs, Fri and today and each time the guy comes back and says "it's not been dropped off here yet". Fucking joke I bet its just in the postmans van still the useless bastards. I made an official complaint on Friday but the official line is they're still undergoing a thorough search!
  15. It's a shame that good coaches often only get a stab at management when the team is in the shit and they're on a hiding to nothing. Chris Hughton for example is clearly a good manager but when he had his first caretaker spell with us he couldn't buy a win and wouldn't have been blamed if he thought 'fuck this I'm staying as number 2'. Luckily for him he got a lucky break and proved himself but there must be so many others who never got that chance.
  16. Wolves chairman tonight saying Agent Bruce accepted their job and changed his mind 'costing them 4 days' in the recruitment process. They're in the shit aren't they?
  17. Right wing is definitely his best position cutting inside like he did so many times today. Can't help but think he's one of those players better coming on as a sub and making an impact than starting
  18. Madness at Chelsea. They're having a mare but the new manager will still have to phase out the 30 somethings and refresh with new talent. Player power to the extreme I feel sorry for AVB. Chelsea had the same spine of Cech, Cole, Terry, Lampard & Drogba for years and it wasn't winning them trophies anymore so the guy does right wanting to shake it up. Real posioned chalice there now, anyone who goes in will negotiate a good dismissal clause in their contract!
  19. Good news. At least if we do sell Tiote or Krul they are tied to long term deals so it would cost them a fair wedge to buy. Good boost ahead of tomorrow
  20. We need a right winger, centre back, left back (Santon goes to right back) and CM cover. Whether Abeid or Vuckic can step up and be good replacements when Cabaye or Tiote are out remains to be seen. That's on the assumption we don't sell anyone which is unlikely. Sounds cheesy but our best signing will probably be getting Colo and Ba sorted
  21. This isn't a knee jerk bur The FA should move heaven and earth to appoint O'Neill as England manager. He's absolutely top class and perfect for the England set up - making the most of what you've got and motivating decent players into thinking they can best anyone. He's not that convincing with a cheque book so works well for England. Far better bet that Redknapp who without funds would be a very different manager
  22. We're just booking our honeymoon to America later in the year. Doing New York, Las Vegas and then travelling up California -all over 3 weeks. We are undecided whether to stick Chicago in for a couple of days, has anyone been and is it worth bothering with?
  23. I avoided the result to watch the game 'live' at 8pm, shouldn't have bothered Jesus wept. Our midfield and defence were absolute garbage. Cisse and Ba gave it a go but we were so sloppy with the ball, constantly giving it away and with their pace it just put us under so much pressure. Watching Williamson tonight and you really wonder why we didn't buy a CB in January - we literally have no cover!
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