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  1. Can these things clock Motorbikes as well????? Fookin love them forward facing ones. Give em the V's and a "what do you think about that"
  2. Owen to go I think he is a gifted goal scorer and can do well for the toon but my feeling is that he will F**k us off and move on sooner rather than later. Least Obi one has come out and pledged his future (if he hasn't just made it up like his shooting story)
  3. I've just trouser coughed in the lift and if f**king stinks Kebab n fosters aint a good gut mixture the next day
  4. Remember the guy who had the Andy Cole tattoo on his leg just as he was sold
  5. I think we don't need the money and if the guy is happy to stay let him stay. Some times last season he trapped the ball further than I can kick it but he's got something that decent coaching will improve on. Tactics and coaching must surely improve this season with big Sam
  6. 1) Gunna get soaked on me way home from work because I stupidly brought my bike in 2) Need a shit, shower, shave 3) Gunna get shit face the night 4) Will have the biggest hangover the morra when I get up at 6 with the bairns 5) Heartburn is already in the post
  7. Rage against the Machine - Township Rebellion The Stranglers - Peaches
  8. Big Sam hasn't had this kind of money before and I don't think he will waste it like previous managers Some sensible buys this summer and await the January window to fill the positions that he has had a chance to look at over the first half the season. I very much doubt we will win owt this season - better to analyse the squad and look to build for the next season as the main challange for domestic / top 4 I agree with too many clubs have been bought this year so far so everyone has cash and prices will inflate if you get dragged into a bidding war
  9. I just hope Sam knows what he is doing if he is given a vast war chest to buy players. Not saying he will go daft and end up buying ponies but I cannot remember big Sam being given the amount of cash that the rumors suggest anywhere else throughout his management career. I get the feeling he still likes the freebies when he could actually buy younger better talent. Not having a go - just wondering
  10. Nice one - could do with some decent tunes in the charts Must be skint though to do the come back or they are crap as solo artists
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