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    My family has a history of it and took all the advice I could get from them. 1 x Allopurinol a day has keep it at bay with no attacks in over 2 years - always keep a supply of colchicine, which is extremely effective at clearing it up in 1 - 2 days, just in case it ever flaired up again
  2. Say's it all - loved by everyone RIP
  3. I've lived through this bollocks from Alan Suddick, through to Keith Dyson, Alan Duffy, Ian Bogie, Joe Allon, etc etc....the fact is that all clubs have "promising" youngsters, but SO DOES EVERY OTHER FUCKER. I despair, I really do. Anybody we DO get, Ashley will sell them for as much as he can get. This is how he sees the club, they are just commodities to be bought and sold. In the summer we will bring in 3, 4 or 5 sub standard players for about half the Carroll and Enrique transfer money to paper over the cracks of a thin squad of players [which will be the norm for however lon
  4. Lets welcome back Fred West / Harold Shipman / Peter Sutcliffe as he made me a cup of tea and advised me on car insurance - ffs!
  5. Don't they have a McDonalds Happy Meal stand too?
  6. Home game against West Brom (When they were sponsored by No Smoking) Think it was Mid 80's ish - Won 4-1 if I remember correctly with Pedro scoring
  7. After all these years - no Just made up my mind last night - Heart says yes but my head still says no
  8. Happy Birthday - hope its perrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect
  9. PM me please - I have a few but they are mostly crap most of the time
  10. Ray Mears would have him. Recon Bruce Parry could take them both Only if Ray didn't eat the fucker first. I'm sure when the director calls 'cut' Ray is handed a KFC bargan bucket - nee way he can have those jowles from seeds and berries
  11. Ray Mears would have him. Recon Bruce Parry could take them both
  12. Cannot beat Baps on a luchtime Sarnie, crisps and a drink for £3.50 Plus they do a fantastic homemade mince pie for 'extras'
  13. Always enter St. James' Park via turnstile 13
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