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    You could try these 2 Dunstan (Not the place next to the Metrocentre) Beadnell
  2. Seems they have issued an email out to all members but haven't updated the website yet
  3. Got it in an email from NUSC late last night
  4. Dear 3Bitbob Derek Llambias is not a fan of the NUSC. That much was clear at the end of an always interesting, sometimes petty, but often surprisingly candid exchange of views between NUFC’s Managing Director and a Supporter’s Club (with a membership of 1000+ strong and growing) who remain critical of his regime and who were once more dismissed by Llambias as “the breakaway group”. Let’s set our cards on the table from the outset. We are not a “breakaway” anything. We do not, will not, nor have we ever advocated anything but unswerving loyalty towards the black and white shirt of N
  5. By all accounts our academy team are doing rather well this season Nufc under 18's
  6. The hope was for them to communicate the reasons for what they've done and the action they're going to take in future to fix things. "We spent lots of money, we'll take nothing out, we got a curve ball and didn't know what to do, we were naive and unfortunate, we understand now, we'll get 46 points, challenge for the lot in 5 years, Ashley is passionate, we've caught up, don't want to fail, fans make it difficult saying "Ashley out", we're looking forward" Can you find me one contstructive tid-bit in all this guff? Who was attending the forum from the supporters side and what wa
  7. Went on one last year and it was the dogs twichers Holiday Villa
  8. How about an independant voice from the fans of Newcastle united? Are we all to bury our heads in the sand and lap up this drivel that has been spunked up on the local rag? It seems that our current set of reporting sports journalists are without backbone and won't pursue the real answers from the regime that are running our club. I mean FFS they included a question in there that was 4 months out of date. Nobody is willing to step forward and try to get honest answers regarding the plight our club now finds itself in so why don't we as the fans make an effort? Seems loads of fans have an
  9. I know somebody has already mentioned it but can NUSC not provide a controlled factual responce to either the Cron or the Journal?
  10. Had a similar problem Removed DIVX and installed K-Lite Codec pack 4.5.3 (Full) and now sorted
  11. So much for that post transfer window talk Just what I was thinking Wonder if the Q & A session will still happen with Llambias by the end of the week or have I got that all wrong and just dreamt it?
  12. Got it off ebay and only paid £50 for it
  13. I got mine last year and just swapped it for my SKY+ box - rang them up to marry the sky card to the box. It cost an extra £10 a month for the HD channels but you don't have to take up the offer as you can still get the freeview HD channels.
  14. Has the laptop got a USB port? If so make an image of the sofware onto a USB stick / Drive and install from there or Connect the 2 laptops to a local network (router) and share the DVD drive. Simply map a network drive to the shared DVD and install the software.
  15. Only live about 400 yards from it - Can see it out my front window- and I work from home How did I miss it today? I was there when Lady Di opened the Factory but was too busy jumping in the mud with me wellies on to be paying any attention - think it was back in 1982 / 1983 when I was a little nipper
  16. Work from home - rarely see anybody as they all work from home too There is a company one in Manchester but they have kindly advised me I will have to fork out for travel and accommodation but the meal and drinks are paid for Don't know anybody who works there either! What a bunch of Twats. Bah Humbug
  17. Just paid Happy to pay a £10 just to get a decent spokes person onto SSN instead of they numptys with bed sheets as per usual Well worth the money imo just for that
  18. IT Data networks architect / designer Riviting shit
  19. Looks like the office is hard wired with RJ45 or RJ11 sockets. How many wires are punched into the back of the panels? I have a cable tester in the house that would let you know.
  20. I just watched that American Soccer yesterday San Diego Chargers vrs New Orleans Saints Bunch of fucking weirdo's the lot of them - Motorbike helmets, full robocop sytle body armor and 400 subs How is this a national sport? - American Soccer my arse.
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