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  1. Too right - I got to give her a kiss on St. Mary's lighthouse in between her reports. (and before anyone says anything - it was a peck on the cheek) I was about 11 at the time and she give me the horn big style.
  2. My misses works in metal health and I have never been able to understand depression like she has to deal with day in day out. I was of the opinion that if somebody had the world at their feet there would be no excuse for them to be depressed. I have since changed that opinion but still don't realy understand the condition. Many people are depressed and do these type of things as a cry for help - many unfortunatly don't and end up at the bottom of the Byker bridge or holding up the traffic on the Tyne bridge. Just shows that you can have everything you wanted in life - but your brain
  3. Just seen it myself and like most people I was glad to see him go and get a decent wedge back in return. Saying that I wouldn't wish this injury on anyone - not even Dyer. Maybe somebody should send him a box set of "My name is Earl" to see if he can fix his Karma. He ain't got the luck of the Irish or the rub of the green in his career so far....maybe it will help if he made a list. Imagine his - 52,000 Geordies to cross off first
  4. Cannot beat the chant of - "Get your nostrils, get your nostrils, get your nostrils off the pitch!" "Get your nostrils off the pitch" When ever he approached the touchline for Liverpool
  5. Maybe because of our poor defensive record over the last 10 yeas has put them off and they cannot be arsed with a slagging on MOTD week in and week out from Hanson and co. Would put me off
  6. Give it a blast. See what happens. I work looking directly at the Tyne Bridge all day and I've only ever seen 1 jumper and he got rescued before he went over. How come I miss all the action? (and its not due to the fact I am working so hard at work either)
  7. Worked in Burger King in the Metro Centre when I was 16 Flippin burgers and getting abuse from the people I worked with who were all mental from Dunston - no offence to Dunston people Also worked in the DSS transfering printed card information to letters (hand written) then posting them out - lasted a week
  8. I used to work in the Pig and Whistle for a few year in the 90's and that is nowt compared to what used to get in. I wish camera phones were around then to share the joy with you lot.
  9. After a quick scan I see 'PISS FLAPS' is still available
  10. "No Nigerian Princes please, wanting it for their daughters in University" Standard Ebay clause these days
  11. Thats got me laughing me tits off (the bizarre thread - not his cock) and made me join the forum I think all forums get state from time to time but this one has plenty of banter and patter. A top quality thread is all it needs to bring them back.
  12. I think is it either a German U-Boat or King Kongs first shite of the day
  13. 1 - Just had to deal with DFS (what a bunch of wankers) 2- B&Q getting tarred with the same brush 3- Going to watch Die Hard 4.0 the neet 4 - Getting pissed as a fart on my Wednesday night oot 5 - Heartburn already starting and thats before the 10 pints of Fosters n a Kebab
  14. I have to say I adore your signature! Nobby is a legend Paddington Bear and Nobby - nowt else needed from Peru - job done
  15. Fooking love it Don't forget the ............. What do you think about that! You dirty dirty bastards
  16. Basically have to Fuck Roy Keanes wife with a toon top on to top that Shouting "Sheeeeeeeeeeeerarrrrrrrrrr!" as you shoot your muck
  17. unwashed thread upto 22 pages now Hope Chops can beat that!
  18. I get the feeling that the players the unwashed are trying to attract can only see them being relegated and don't want to take the risk. Derby day cannot come quick enough!
  19. I've got the N95 and it's the dogs twitchers. Menus can be a bit slow at times but the overall functionality makes up for it
  20. Thankgod Amaefule http://playerhistory.com/Default.aspx?page=player_details&playerID=69359&cCareerID=601720
  21. Kind of but they're not ones for giving you points on your licence - see here Trafficmaster To further clarify, the cameras on the coast road that will get you points are the Yellow Truvello cameras. The CCTV type cameras which are new and have only appeared in the last couple of months are CCTV and DO NOT measure speed. They are to monitor the flow of traffic coming out of the city centre. They could however be linked to the police national computer and dvla and have a look to see who's driving with no road tax as they will be able to record the number plates. Thats why in the do
  22. Fucking Riveting stuff, don't know how you peel yourself away from it tbh. What did she die of? Embarrassment
  23. Just Finished William Napiers 'The gathering of the storm' Into all that history Fiction / Non Fiction Bollocks
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