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  1. A goal machine in his day, unfortunately that day has passed. He's worth no more than say £4 million.
  2. Would be a solid squad player, but this looks to be one of sky's bullshit rumours...
  3. Tragic, just shows your never too far away to be involved in a serious accident
  4. As there have been a few light hearted accusations flying round the forum the last few nights, though it would be intresting to see if anyone has ever considered walking on the other side of the road. This isn't meant to cause any offence just thought it might be an intresting point of conversation...
  5. Dip your grapes in some sugar mate, takes away the sour taste...
  6. Who's been posting Song - Artist like?
  7. That just ruins the fun though... 164274[/snapback] Fun? If you want fun use a fucking Bidet! 164276[/snapback] But then you lose the comfort factor, you need some security...
  8. That just ruins the fun though...
  9. Be fair, FM2006 takes fkn ages to load on his PC. 164268[/snapback] He looks as though he's more of a CM type tbh.
  10. Bellers


    I want never gets tbh ...
  11. Great signing when you consider the price and quality of the player. I'm also happy to be safe in the knowledge that Roeder is actually researching players before he adds them to the "list", although Duff probably didn't take much research...
  12. 164262[/snapback] Playing dumb tbh.
  13. Who me? or Matt? or Fog on the Tyne?
  14. Nirvana - Where did you sleep last night?
  15. Thanks for that. I haven't been on her for a while, but I got banned from N-O and realised how much better this place is.
  16. Toontastic is smaller than N-O, but it's quality not quantity we want. A very good board on all accounts.
  17. I found it both refreshing and soothing tbh.
  18. Erm yes, but not yet I'd like to enjoy life a little without being too selfish.
  19. If this is true, which it probably isn't, Roeder is either planning to play a 4-3-3 or he's going to play Duff just off the striker. He did say he wanted some pace up top.
  20. Bellers


    Howay Murray, playing brilliant.
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