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  1. every year holland has a new top scorer. we could be buying a ronaldo or nistlerooy with kuyt so 13mil would be cheap. or we could be buying a hooijdonk or kezman and we will have been ripped off!
  2. you missed out lee clarke and craig moore. why the fuck have we signed moore!!!! hes no better than that shit man united reject we let go of a couple of years back. we pay them to warm our bench!
  3. its not so much the line as how you say it. you could use the shittest chat up line in history with a cheeky smile and she would start giggling and know that you had a sense of humour. a fave of mine is 'whats a girl like you doing in a nice place like this?' if they laugh you know they are worth talking to. if they tell you you got it the wrong way around, walk away!
  4. i remember being a kid and wanting so much to be 18 so i could go to the rock night there. then the cunts shut it down just as i was about old enough! we need to bring back a real rock/punk venue in town! down at the bottom of nortumberland street, just past the fire station there are a few old buildings up for rent. who wants to lend me some money! its the only place left in the city centre shitty enough to put it!
  5. THE venue for 70s and 80s punk and hardcore. ramones to blondie to nirvana all started out there. tiny little building in manhattan and they are being ripped off by the shelter above them. to get an idea of how many bands owe this place heres a list of bands playing benefit concerts there over the next 2 months
  6. judging by their first 3 games and our first 3 id rather be a boro fan at the minute! huh, blasphemy!
  7. I know its old news now like but just found out. trying to see if i can find out what actually happened. its almost as legendary as the mayfair, you cant shut it!
  8. just clicked on your sig lazarus! so do you ever actually leave your house then!?
  9. 'whats invisible and smells like carrots?' ..................... 'Bunny Farts!!!' followed up with ..... 'i know its a bad joke but one of the disabled kids i coach for free told me it'
  10. fuck him anyway. he either wants to play for us or he doesnt. he cant honestly expect to say 'il play for you til summit better comes along' and expect us to be chuffed. lets get luque, at least he wants to be here!
  11. allardyce or curbishley. best 2 managers in the premiership that we would have a cat in hells chance of attracting
  12. you need to be back over on the other board mate
  13. its like the whole manager thing all over again! we are going to end up with our 7th or 8th choice striker to go with out 3rd choice/rate manager. cracking
  14. dont forget gerarrd was once a bigger crock than him. and now hes probably the best cm in the world
  15. played on water based astro in birmingham once and it was a nightmare, the ball skidded all ower. much prefer sand based if im going to play on it at all
  16. was anyone else at st james in 94/95ish when owen played for england schoolboys and scored what he classes as his best ever goal?
  17. £18mil plus £8.5mil sitting in the bank! and we keep haggling over luque and boa morte. and need a new LB, CB, LW, RW, CF. only at the toon!
  18. could be a shrewd piece of business by our freddy. on one hand it appeases the fans (albeit in a rooney bid sort of way) and he nows now that real are unlikely to accept less than £18mil off liverpool or man u, which they dont have anyway, so it limits owens options to joining us or staying at real!
  19. theres a space there in the england midfield!? aye, right behind lampard and gerrard, sitting on the bench!
  20. whats ganna be our team then. boa morte, emre, parker, dyer, bowyer and jenas are surely all worth a starting place in midfield
  21. aye thats true you need a sense of humour if you're an NUFC supporter 11113[/snapback] I think it's high time we challenged the N-O lot to a game at Eldon Leisure. 11120[/snapback] bring it on! lets get some training sessions going on and absolutely murder them!
  22. i havent been back since someone posted a 'SOUNESS OUT' thread cos we missed out on the signing of anelka.
  23. in that case, less than jake, ataris, green day, fall down boy, relient k..............so ner!
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