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  1. Remember when we were losing cos Bruce hadn't had the opportunity to play Fraser?
  2. Trump esque on here mind. Locking baby dogs in cages and listening them cry for their mothers. But it's ok cos it's "separation anxiety" and the PTSD will shut them up eventually and turn them into obedient little pets...
  3. By "backing" I assume you mean "not sacking"?
  4. Decision time for Ashley. Decent chance we will be in the bottom 3 after we've played Man Utd and Wolves. We then have a run of winnable games, albeit missing our only goalscorer. Perfect time to get a new manager bounce Following that we play Liverpool, Arsenal, Leicester, Man City. Sheff Utd and Fulham are our last 2 games of the season but Fulham could quite easily be 6 points above us by then. If we get tonked tomorrow I reckon Ashley will blink and Bruce will be gone
  5. Aye, the haven't learned from the Stewie love in. A 24 year old chairman with zero self made money and a rich dad. What could go wrong? The difference between Sunderland challenging for the playoffs and Sunderland being bottom half material is a Charlie Wyke purple patch. If he gets injured they are fucked
  6. History repeating itself ffs. Shearer got 8 games to keep us up. Rafa got 10 games. Neither was given long enough to make a difference. We will only have 13 games left after Man U beat us
  7. Aye, the Durham Dales are a total eyesore
  8. Interesting 2 books he's written...
  9. He's not on social media. So I take it his son is showing him a handful of messages from 13 year olds on twitter and this is now a major news story?
  10. Rich energy's Twitter account has 666 followers ffs 😂 Even Fish has more than that
  11. Aye the promenade at Roker is nice now, and there's a new stack further up too. Love Lily's is lush if your'e a fat bastard like me and like your cakes
  12. I currently have the pleasure of working in the city 2 days a week.
  13. Burnley 2 points behind us with a game in hand. Their next 3 games are Brighton, Palace and West Brom. Heading for 17th place imminently.
  14. We were hopeless. The amount of passes across the back line and back to keeper when we needed a goal was criminal. Shelvey is done as a top level player. I'm at a loss at to why Matty Longstaff doesn't get a game when he's got a bigger engine than any other CM in the squad
  15. It got binned when we moved in together
  16. I might have been stretching it calling her a "porn star" tbh She was in a couple of Norwegian amateur porn films True story though. She worked for Disney in one of the theme parks when I spent 6months over there. Ended up going to a party with her and a few of her mates, did the dirty after and she whipped out a box full of DVD's from under her bed and signed one to give me.
  17. AJ Tye, Chester Le Street CC alumni, being a total shithouse today. You love to see it
  18. Are the boards football hipsters watching the final on tv tonight? Fish?
  19. If we can get ASM, Wilson, Fraser and Almiron on the pitch at the same time, with Hayden and someone else sitting in, this is a reasonable team if coached properly
  20. He's just a walking, taking cliche. If the takeover was anywhere near happening you would hope Staveley was cranking up the pressure to bring a decent stop gap in
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