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  1. Leão would be a mint replacement for ASM
  2. I dunno, he showed him the line and expected the keeper to cover his near post. Thats the kid we were linked with in the Summer btw
  3. For all the 2002 Brazil team won the World Cup with Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, they still had absolute shite like Kléberson and Roque Junior starting for them. Take Neymar out of their current team and Raphina, Richarlison, Antony, Jesus and Martinelli are a big drop off in quality up front, and a far cry from their golden eras
  4. The Kuol signing kind of flew under the radar a bit and I expected him to start in the U23s when he joined. But given the kid has been getting minutes in the WC and looks half decent I wouldn't be surprised to see him in and around the match day squads for the second half of the season. And with Isak coming back too I'd imagine Wood's days are numbered after this season
  5. I spent the week in Knoxville, TN once. Did not know it was where Pablo Escobear made his name though! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocaine_Bear_(bear)
  6. Tulsa King with Sly Stallone. Pretty good, he plays a good part
  7. Had loads of the ball after coming on tonight. Should have had a couple of goals
  8. I mean, anyone can beat anyone by that logic.
  9. One of the weirdest shags I ever had was with a lass who told me she had one fake boob and then put Metallica's black album on before we got down to business. Still had fun like
  10. There's not 12 teams better than England in this tournament btw
  11. What a photo! The exact moment Germany were put on the plane home
  12. France losing to Tunisia Spain losing to Japan Argentina losing to the Saudis Belgium out Germany out There's only Brazil that have looked like they might cause England problems so far
  13. Souness 69 going on 16. Definitely been shopping at boohooman
  14. Took an old VW camper up to the Highlands a few years back. It was lush
  15. This is why Rio earns the big bucks
  16. Just blokes looking like Zoolander and miming to songs. 5million likes
  17. Anyone use TikTok on here? My Daughter uses it (supervised) and the amount of absolute fucking shite on there with tens of millions of likes/followers is insane.
  18. Aye, but then if you're going to have a points based immigration system then you're going to atttract skilled workers from poorer countries
  19. I misunderstood his post tbh. Assumed he meant it was morally wrong to take Doctors from countries with lesser educational systems (ie worse Doctors)
  20. Because they still need to pass exams in England/prove equivalency. And we don't have enough English Doctors to fill our vacant posts. Not sure where "morals" come into it?
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