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  1. To be fair McKeag was a cunt and I'm sure the Seymour s et al were as well. Apart from the German and maybe Spanish models I don't think anyone "owns" football clubs apart from whichever rich men from whatever era it happens to be in. The sense of belonging fans (at least in the past) have regarding clubs is more a tribal identity /community thing. However I think the link has always been a united sense of desire for the club to do well even for "playthings". Ashley's disconnect has been that the fans recognise he lacks that desire.
  2. Joelinton

    Blackburn - 10 cunts and Scott Sellars.
  3. Coronavirus

  4. Coronavirus

    A lot of bands who cancelled gigs rearranged them for the autumn. The Ash date at the end of March I was going to go to is now September 27th - I think they're optimistic (just like thoughts of a new football season) but in the end completely unrealistic. (Short of a miraculously rapidly available vaccine).
  5. Coronavirus

    Thing is though if they try to ease the lockdown without mass testing and contact tracing then I can't see that many being willing to face public transport etc. I certainly won't.
  6. Coronavirus

    I bet they can't wait for when they can roll the buffoon out in front of the cameras again - he'll never face a "nasty" question again.
  7. Coronavirus

    The ventilator fiasco is the best "anti-expert" example so far imo.
  8. Coronavirus

    That cunt at the press conference yesterday said part of the vaccine task force was to ramp up production facilities now rather than when it's ready - actually quite sensible but my entire reaction was "why the fuck didn't you think of this shit in February?" It was also mentioned at that committee thing that they were contact tracing up until March the 12th when it was stopped - another act of fucking idiocy.
  9. Coronavirus

    4 months into this shit and the tories announce a vaccine task force. Fucks sake.
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    Think I've mentioned before, one of the NUFC fans who posts on the SMB had a signature stating that the percentage increase in averages from pre-PL times (think he took ten years) to post (Obviously with their new ground) was a lot larger for them than for us.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    What they always ignore because it's too painful is the different appeal of the two cities as well. Especially since the Rueben's supposedly want to invest in the city itself - who the fuck would invest in the city of Sunderland? Of course they also can't see the irony in calling us all 92'ers and history forgetters while expecting their 19th century titles to give them some kind of elevated position in the game in the present day.
  12. Notice how it's the top 6 now? Used to be the top 4 when the PL started then they were forced to include Man City and maybe us when we were good and Liverpool were shit then Tottenham. They're now in denial about Leicester. Also it gets extended whenever Man Utd finish lower. Doesn't enter their tiny brains that having 8 or 10 genuinely good teams would make it a lot more interesting.
  13. Is it not just an option in the stock Photos app? Just checked on mine and it seems to be set that way.
  14. Coronavirus

    Well not many people can be arsed to switch off all of the Google shit in Android anyway - if you haven't you can check out your Google timeline and you'll see.
  15. Coronavirus

    To be honest I wouldn't give a fuck if it helped get through this - delete it later.
  16. Coronavirus

    Hancock was full of shit as usual but I found the contact tracing app for NHS staff interesting - at least some fucker is thinking in the right direction. "All" we need now is its general release and the ability to match Germany on testing.
  17. Coronavirus

    I keep thinking/saying that that half arsed two weeks where the blustering buffoon was telling people it might be a good idea to stay at home and Cheltenham went ahead as well as that ridiculous Friday night cost thousands of lives. I hope they pay for it but I doubt it.
  18. Coronavirus

    I asked my parents why Churchill lost - they reckoned the people remembered the lead up to the war and how the tories were - along with the promise of the NHS. I asked why Labour lost in 51 - they reckoned the promise of creating a country fit for heroes hadn't quite worked out - though of course in that election they got more votes than the tories but were undone by the usual votes in the wrong place problem.
  19. General Random Conversation..

    I agree the social aspect is a concern but on the other hand I gain 2.5 hours a day to spend doing things I like which is another pro.
  20. General Random Conversation..

    We had a division briefing by the head cheese this week (120 people on teams) where he said how well it was all going, everybody working from home that they were seriously thinking about making it integral post-crisis. He even said they were looking at disinvesting from commercial property as they think WFH will be the norm more and more.
  21. Precedent Trump

    That all makes sense if things were as they were in December but I can't help thinking a "steady hand" isn't what will be needed in the next 1/4/8/15 years.
  22. Precedent Trump

    There's a suggestion he may go for Warren as VP which would be good in terms of her politics and also of him not lasting 4 or 8 years.
  23. Precedent Trump

    Well people like Susan Sarandon telling people to vote for the green candidate meant their vote was significant in a few states - maybe not enough to change the result but when you consider 77k votes in crucial states actually did decide the result then I wouldnt be surprised if dem non-voters were the deciding factor.
  24. Coronavirus

    No, I'm just saying it's what most people would expect but you seemed surprised.
  25. Precedent Trump

    Well Biden's main platform is "return to normal" - that's well fucked now.

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