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  1. Javid really is a snivelling little shit - claiming working from home costs too much in economic and mental health terms - usual lack of proof of course.
  2. I did but I'm keeping it on ice till its finished as I can't be arsed with watching things I really like week to week anymore. It does look promising from what I've seen of the trailers.
  3. Stating the bleeding obvious that the defence is shit is fine but there aren't enough questions as to why our best defender isn't in the match day squad.
  4. We've moved to going to the office two days a week and I confess to finding it tough - without wanting extra suffering I hope they mandate home working again soon.
  5. On course to break my own world record for the number of times in 90 mins the phrase "Fuck off you scouse cunt" is used here. Can't help wondering how many pens have been given against us for that slide.
  6. "A man in his 60s" - my knowledge of RTG would lead me to guess The Lord Rowell.
  7. Just got home from having my booster.
  8. I think the point that was overlooked with all the Me Too stuff regarding asking men to intervene on women's behalf is that unlike Ready To Groom where everyone is fucking nails and can windmill anyone on the planet, blokes always have to be wary about what they're taking on in potentially violent situations. Of course I do think blokes should "police" other blokes being cunts when they can. I honestly do think that despite impressions society is less violent than it used to be but the point remains.
  9. This is one of those thing where off the wall thinking could be considered - I remember before British Gas was privatised arguing with someone that reducing gas prices by the 4bn profit they were making would do more good than just taking that money into government coffers. I know going beyond messing with thresholds, in the US there's a debate about cancelling student debt and I'd like to know how a cost/benefit exercise would work out either here or there in terms of extra spending in the economy. I know when Corbyn wanted to cancel tuition fees there were arguments
  10. Got the email with how to book my booster today.
  11. Don't forget that cunt Redknapp's part in Ba's departure with his "random" revelation of the release clause.
  12. A coalition with a Kennedy, Campbell and from early signs Davey led LD would be okay, its a Clegg or Swinson led LD I'd be wary of though I agree on PR. Of course including the SNP likely means another independence referendum as well.
  13. One percent lead for Labour equates to about a 20 seat lead for the tories but way short of majority. Coalition implies trusting the LDs which as Rayvin says isn't a given.
  14. Okay, I know the answer is "that's just the shit way it is" but I don't get how a ref can have a perfect view of something and wave away appeals then change his mind on looking at it again? I get the hidden ones at corners but asking a ref to accept "you fucked up there mate, have another look" is bullshit 95% of the time.
  15. "And while we're on, your wife registered a medical services company after you got the vaccine gig - WTF is that about, cunt?"
  16. I still don't understand what the law on corruption actually is and why it isn't applied - he took money from a testing company that was awarded exclusive contracts - I think the vote has masked the details. It's the same with Hancock and Patel's PPE deals - how the fuck is there no police/CPS investigation? I know this stinks of naivety on my part but still.
  17. I think Jones may be one of those blokes like Derek Fazakerley, Steve Clarke or Brian Kidd who do really good jobs as coaches but just aren't cut out to manage. We definitely got a lot better last year (not hard I know) after Jones arrived.
  18. History now states that Blair and Brown created an irresistible vision which inevitably won in 97 - I think the biggest factor in their victory was that after 18 years of tory rule most people thought they'd had enough time and someone else deserved a chance but now I think that solid 40% of pure cuntishness has become more ingrained bedded in by brexit. The only hope is that they've now become Johnson personified and think they can get away with anything but it's becoming harder to think of anything that would actually stink enough to move that 40%.
  19. I ordered my day 2 test for next week from Boots - probably tories somewhere along the line but definitely not set up on the fly by one of the present pack of bastards' chums.
  20. They put a bit of pressure on by announcing all those celebrations for next year - tempting fate a bit.
  21. With a topping of him being a fat oaf contributing as well.
  22. LM used to argue that racism was only racism when it was malicious or had real consequences which I agree with up to a certain point - that point being not very far along the spectrum at all but still. Only problem for him is that he was/is a malicious racist.
  23. I hate Liverpool but this is still fucking hilarious seeing these cunts humiliated.
  24. I arrived in Cyprus earlier and its good to see somewhere still taking it seriously - you couldn't even get off the walkway from the plane without showing the flight pass document which has your covid status. They have an immigration security thing just before passport control where a machine scans your passport and takes a photo which you obviously take your mask off for but 3 metres later the bloke at actual passport control reminded me to put my mask back on. All this time in the UK, I haven't seen a single person's mask wearing questioned.
  25. No surprise to see that cunt from Palace involved.
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