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  1. Coronavirus

    Just come back from the dentists, had to affirm on lack of any travel and lack of fever/cough almost before they let me through the door.
  2. Coronavirus

    Thats the thing without the South Korea mass testing programme - people might get quite ill with a normal cold or even a flu and think they've had it only to get the real deal later on. Conversely they might deal with it quite well but not realise and keep being wary for another year. Among all the debate about strategies etc I think its the lack of testing I distrust the most.
  3. Coronavirus

    I don't usually watch any of his films after he ruined Interview with a Vampire tbh but that sort of drew me in.
  4. Coronavirus

    That's the Tom Cruise version.
  5. Coronavirus

    Like the end of War of the world's when they crawl out of their tanks and a Morgan Freeman voice over tells us it was all God's plan
  6. Coronavirus

    I'm supposed to be seeing Ash a week on Friday - nowt on their website either way at the moment - suppose I'll see if they play Leeds on Tuesday for starters.
  7. Coronavirus

    Full leather mistress of pain get-up?
  8. Coronavirus

    I usually go to asda on a Sunday morning - not for a big weekly shop but just a curry, yoghurts for the week and toiletries I need - full basket at the most. Took one look at the car park this morning and came home - fucking madness.
  9. General Random Conversation..

    52% English, 46% Ireland, 2% from Sweden. With the 52% being specifically Durham /Tyne & Wear / Borders. Makes sense as my research confirms my mams line has been in Shields for centuries and my dad's great grandparents were famine era Irish immigrants. Don't know where the Viking comes from.
  10. Coronavirus

    Was going to say its no coincidence the two regimes with the slackest approach are the ones that chase the dollar/pound the most.
  11. Coronavirus

    Been informed we're on 4 days a week WFH from home from Monday - don't know the rationale of one day but it'll probably be extended.
  12. Coronavirus

    Strange as it's their voter base.
  13. Coronavirus

    As an alternative to the virus, I think I'd die laughing if the Premier league was cancelled without awarding it to the scouse cunts.
  14. ever evolving relegation guesswork...

    I'm back to being concerned now that Dubravka's out.
  15. Coronavirus

    I'm off this week as it happens but have read emails saying they're ramping up the WFH tests at work to 50% on Thursday to 80% on Friday for all digital/IT teams. There's also a general "maximise remote working" instruction now in place.
  16. General Random Conversation..

    You're right but there would be question marks - those who have annual rail STs and station car park tickets would have to adjust to a casual basis which would have to work out depending if it was an all in proposition.
  17. General Random Conversation..

    We have a semi-casual working from home policy - I tend to do it for deliveries etc but some teams have a mandatory one day a week on a rota basis. Anyway our version of the Cobra committee have asked everyone to log on at 8pm tonight as a sort of stress test of the remote infrastructure. I reckon if there are no issues there'll be a general work from home order until this shit is over.
  18. Politics

    I was being an arsehole - I've never said they didn't do any good. I still think tax credits became too much of an issue and I think the minimum wage is a good idea but also a double edged sword where its too easy for businesses to pay it with no thought of an actual living wage. I'd like to see more balancing of the economy than simple fiddling at the bottom end.
  19. Politics

    Tax credits which are a substitute for real income rise?
  20. Other games 2019/2020

  21. Other games 2019/2020

    Seven classic words: "Oh my god, Cascarino has scored again".
  22. Hessenhoosenwoahyafucka's lads v Newcastle FC

    Sending off was crucial but at least we're making chances again - I trust Gayle to score on other days.
  23. Politics

    She hasn't come across too badly to me but at the same time she committed two "strikes" - giving Corbyn 10/10 for leadership and saying she'd talk to the catholic church about abortion policy. I can see the two polar views of wanting someone Corbyn-like on one side and wanting anyone but that on the other.
  24. Politics

    To be fair to her even if you thought him a complete failure in terms of improving the country, it still would be a good idea to ask his advice on how to win (beyond him saying drop any vaguely left wing policy).
  25. HR Experts

    Straight to the top of the most likely to die from Covid 19 list (Soz)

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