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Xbox and PSN Gamertags


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XBOX 360/One:

Besty - Besty4290
Paul - nufc88
Jonny2J - Jonny2J
Magma - Ianw1990
Barney - abarrnewell
Ayatollah Hermione - Flirty Bertie
Inglez - D3 Hazzard
2bias - x2biasx
Andrew - iamc0ntrol
Stu_J - Stu J2
khay - DrKhally
trophyshy - dr choc
Bassong Almighty... - AaronAvenger666
bawan - Baw3590
ChriszyD - PuRe XrAtEd
The Mighty Hog - MHodgson
wykikitoon - Darthshearer
Matty - plastictramp32
Ant - HlpHopoP0tamus
MrBass - MrBass
Tom_NUFC - Leazes Ender
The Fish - ThisDave
Kevin - kevnufc
Armchair Pundit - DengaUK
Peasepud - peasepud2410

Playstation 3/4:

Besty - BestyNUFC
khay - DrKhay
smudger - Smudger1980
menace13 - Menacie
Tom - bungleandbeef
Jimbo - TexasToon
ULSTER MAG - neillw
Gemmill - heggahegga
Stu_J - Stu__J
MattM4 - GreatNumberFour
dave_prso9 - dave_prso9
WordPlay - FightLykBeavers
Wavey Davey - davidlighty81
Armchair Pundit - Th0m0cini
RobH - RobH_93

Andrew - iamcontrol

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cheers, I'll get that along with a new AV cable, a cable for the tinternetdoodad and three games.


probably PGA, Assassins Creed and Call of Duty 4

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34.99 in Game :good:


However, I come home plug the thing in and I get the three rings of death! because I've bought this thing off Ebay I'm not sure if I can get it repaired! It may already have been registered to a different bloke, when I tried to register the box it said "cannot complete your request"



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Always up for giving someone a hammering on fifa or COD 4


Is that 360 or PS3 mate? I'll give you a game on FIFA if 360. :lol:

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Jimbo you not got your tag up yet?


Also we all have to make sure we get the same for the new Fifa/Pes, so I have someone to whoop after work. :huh:


Its up.

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