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They're quality. Way better than 4 and a half stars like. Defence is like a rock, Totti is mint, Vucinic is a bit of a donkey but he usually ends up tapping things in, bless him. Most people have cottoned on to them now though. Except that one bloke who played me as Fulham. And nearly won.




Them or Inter are my fav's like, I'm on now if you fancy a game. :woosh:

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Mine is D3 Hazzard


Needs a change tbh, cant be arsed to waste money to change it though


ATM I have



Rock Band

Fallout 3



And on Thursday/Friday i'll have


Guitar Hero 4

Gears of War 2


Glandly hand your arse to you on GOW2

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The Fish doth approach soon....

360: geordiefish



Sorry mate don't have cod 4. :icon_lol:

Some fucker must do :puke:


I'm lending it off me mate atm like, not that I'm any good at it. :unsure:


Get FIFA man. :icon_lol:

got Fifa, like shooting people though....

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