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Should be a 3 match ban for the stamp/raking studs across the face and a further ban for running the length of the pitch to go to the arsenal fans and incite trouble there.


I've always been of the opinion by and large that fans should be able to take it and that they whinge like little kids anytime a player upsets them, but this, in the current situation after West Ham/Millwall was just embrassing, to go from one end of the pitch to the other with the sole intention of taunting his old fans, deserves a further ban, and shows the guy to be a complete dick basically.

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Blatantly just a split-screen camera trick...




But, actually, he's acting like an idiot. No matter what happened at Arsenal, no matter what he thought of RvP, that is unacceptable.


Aye, bang out of order, no excuses and indefensible...


but I do like to see gooners' misery

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