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Boardwalk Empire

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Got up to episode 5 of season 2 last night.


The scalping :lol:


How Homeland beat this for the best drama Golden Glode is beyond me. Like when they gave it to 24 over the West Wing. Madness.


Homeland is more zeitgeist atm.

When else could it be?

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That scene at the gas station was mind blowing TV.


I got a gun. He got a gun. He got a gun. Everybody got guns!


Every scene with Rosetti in is tension personified, a brilliant character that's already added so much to the show.


Also I love a bit Chalky White too.

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That episode of Boardwalk Empire was pretty decent!



In a way though it's a bit shit they've used real life mobsters for characters though like Luciano, Capone and Rothstein as you know how/when they died and how it won't come up in this season, leaving the generic named characters like the irish lad and pitt last season for the chop



It was amazing if you ask me. An absolute masterclass in direction, and perfectly acted. The last 10 minutes or so of this episode will live long in the memory.


These are some thoughts I posted on another site about it:




The whole Owen thing at the end had me almost clapping it was so good. I love the use of juxtaposed light when Margaret had her conversations with Nucky and Owen respectively. It was kind of building up to someone happening to her and Owen in terms of their relationship, I think Margaret knew something like this would happen if they didn't leave sooner rather than later and it's exactly why she wanted to leave. Fascinated to see what happens with her and Nucky now he realises she was having an affair. Not to mention her pregnancy.


Wonder what Rothstein will do now Lansky and Luciano have more or less betrayed him. Also what Capone plans for Van Aalden.


Also pondering whether Rosetti's guy is going to turn on him after that. Hopefully he will.


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