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I see.


"No players will be back for the Premier League game tomorrow afternoon so Mathieu Debuchy, Fabricio Coloccini, Hatem Ben Arfa, Massadio Haidara and Cheick Tiote will all miss this important game – five players missing.

We had hoped that Cheick and Massadio would be back tomorrow, since last week Alan had said they could even make the game in Lisbon – but we suppose they are not recovering as quickly as expected, from their injuries."


...shit, do we even have physios in our club? I give them absolutely no credit this season.

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Debuchy is injured Aeris. You are also so cool by having Dumb and Dumber as our defenders.


In addition it's a 4312 with very little width & is basically pointless. Though It would work long ball but not with who we'll have out today. :up:

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Let me ask you a question Aeris - how have you worked your formation around the Fulham team we'll be playing today?


No, what would work, Tom? Running the same old thing every game, always leaving the opposition extremely well prepared for how to make a quick meal of us? I think we've been playing ridiculous all season tbh, regardless of the few wins we've had. We have weaknesses in our game which we never seem to care about mending, I think it's way over time to try something new.

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Is this game not "massive"?


Damn you, was just going to say even you would agree it is :P


The problem with Anita or Perch been giving the job of tracking Berbatov is neither of them are anywhere near physical enough to control him. We're not going to shut him down, just have to hope the defense is on its game today.


What happens today is invariably going to depend on how Sissoko and Cabaye control the midfield today. Its been a mess for a while now. Fulham are a good footballing side and we're going to have to stop being terrified of the ball to get the win today.

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Feeling nervous, massive game. Win, and we can go into the derby confident no matter what the Benfica match throws up. A draw would not be a disaster but would not alleviate the pressure. Lose, well I don't even want to think about it tbh.

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