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10 clubs I hate (in order)

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1 Sunderland
2 Liverpool
3 Tottenham
4 Everton
5 Leeds
6 Celtic
7 Rangers
8 Aston Villa
9 Barcelona
10 Boro



My list has changed a lot in just 2 years. Certainly the top 5.


1 Sunderland - still the mackems, living in South Shields for over 2 years now, has made me hate them even more. You have some lovely days here, down the beech, in the beech bars etc....then some total mong will come past in a Sunderland top three times too small. The most unlikely support to have decent teeth.


2 Liverpool - the top two will never change ever.


3 ASTON FUCKIN VILLA - Honestly I don't agree with football violence, but sometimes fans deserve a slap. Walking back to the pub beside our car on Saturday a brummie said, "That wus the groitest atmusfeer at the Veelur seence Gryum Tylur was 'ere'" and why??? Because they hate us as much as they hate their neighbours. We looked firmly down our nose at these, and if we were in the Conference we'd still be a nationally more important club than these non-event mouthy bastards.


4 Tottenham


5 Everton


6 New place for Arsenal. The Villa of the South its like a collection of London's most non football like arseholes. Get back to the Rugby. Their manager made their club who they are today, and in 18 years NOT ONCE have they been outside the top 4, yet Wenger is past it. He made the club what it is today you arseholes.


7/8 Rangers/Celtic Still deluded bigoted fuckwits who forget its 2015 not 1985 anymore.


9 Barcelona Manufactured load of bollocks brilliantly marketed around the world.


10 Manchester City They always moaned about Man Utd fans being plastic, more than half their shit support is plastic. Am I jealous of what they've achieved? Fuckin rights!

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Got a feeling that after Wednesday night Everton could be even higher on that list

Aye and if I was one of the mackem fans floating about on here I'd ask me why I spell beach as beech.

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