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Burnley vs Newcastle United

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Thank-you Ant, 87 and counting.

Heyman, I was just 15 in 1947 and was just learning about filth.

Happy Birthday Noelie.    Here’s some filth from when you were a young buck   

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Ashley Barnes first half flies into a header leading with the elbow clattering into Schar “no menace in it you can tell”. Carroll second half same thing “you can see he knows what he’s doing just flies in wrecklessly he knows Mee is there, could have easily been a red card” :lol: the odd bit is Barnes is way more of a cunt and far more likely to do something like that as well. 

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There’s not much point in Atsu starting tbh, he’s okay coming on as a sub when the opposition are a bit tired and he’s able to use his speed, but his decision making etc are so poor that when everyone is just as fresh as he is he offers very little. 

That Ashley Barnes may actually go down easier than Salah and Mane do ffs. 

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1 minute ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Replay showed he dived. Cheating bastards

Aye, classic dive then just staying down to act like he was actually clipped. I’m surprised at how much this lot dive, Barnes barely goes up for a header he just feels the pressure and falls over. 

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