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Saints v Sinners!

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Did Brucey question the Knight Ryders craddledentials?

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Bruce is old school. You don’t change a winning team, oranges at half time, laps of the pitch and 5 a side in training and a homoerotic group bath after 90 minutes. 

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Tbf he is entitled to stick with the team considering the results. Apart from Hayden there isn’t a player on the bench who can complain about not starting.

There is certainly some decent quality in the team that would allow us to play more positive football like we did in the first game of the season. But I guess we will stick to bruceyball ...

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ASM hasn’t been as effective this season through the middle has he? I understand the thinking to try and get him on the ball more often in more dangerous positions but he was way more dangerous last season out wide. He just seemed to get on the ball mode often. Or maybe it’s just that teams are more aware of his threat and are doubling up on him more 

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