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i must be going mad...

zico martin

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BBC 1 - 7.55pm




aaaaah that makes sense! it isnt on BBC 1 Wales hence I couldnt see it ( thanks god I got BBC 1 Normal through Sky eh!


thanks Matty, havent even missed kick off!




Nee problem!


8.00 kick off I think!

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Nice to see that some of you might now understand what Australia has to go through every four years to qualify for the world cup.

And can you imagine what they must be like at home in front of a 100000 supporters who are baying for blood and bbqing their own!*

The way they cheat and waste time and pick at their opposition is not football but they do it so well it must be the most frustrating to play football against.










*Allegedly but most likely just used for dramatic effect.

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