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Yo kiddiewinks. It’s just gone 3am but it feels like 2am. If you have any old-fashioned clocks in your households from the early days of the forum then please adjust them accordingly. And can you clea

Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda

This was pushed through our door tonight. I’ve blotted the number out to save MF a very long drive.    They’ve done the whole street apparently, my neighbour has already reported it. Bit tho

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Good thing you remembered that then hmm? Thank f*ck this weekend is over- 3 days of parbilling reports.. after scrolling though countless columns of numbers I swear I can see that 'Matrix' look of things when I close my eyes. Quite alarming when I think about it. What if I'm really seeing things as they are and my overstressed brain is no longer sheltering me from a mechanical reality?

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And the tiger in a tank.


And we need Mikey, the infamous Mr Hog, too.


And Rik, of course. Where's he?


And Laz.


I'm off now... but I'll see you guys all back here next week, when I'm in a completely different country to that which I am in now...!

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